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OVERNIGHT 2 : Free Roam Fnaf 2 3D Night 1&2

Christian Blandford
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Overnight 2 reboot, My free roam fnaf game :p


  1. If only the music box wind down that slow, it would be easier.

  2. Hey can you tell me what is the name of the game

  3. Can someone fill me in 😂 i left the phase at fnaf 4 lmao

  4. God this is terrifying but amazing at the same time!😖

  5. (5:16) ''wow, he dodged the faceless guy :O''

    2 seconds later…


    That was my reaction

  6. What engine do you used?Im twelve and I want to make a game…But I still need the engine…

  7. Can you make the game for android to? 🙁

  8. Fnaf 1 "foxy": running faster than sonic
    Overnight 2 redux "withered bonnie" : Running faster than light

  9. This is better then the original game,but how to open the cameras(cctv) on pc

  10. I love this game i played it a bit bc i was to scared

  11. My sibling got scared while im watching this video
    But dude your awsome your so brave
    And my heart just go crazy

  12. I bug 🙁 that say hey hey im back and you too and after im disconnected

  13. what password this game i done download but need password

  14. W.bonnie is so scary cause its free roam but they will chase you

  15. ThAt pUpPeT tHiNg iS iN tHe pRiCe cOrNeR
    Charlie:Bish am i a joke to you?

  16. look at the graphics they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo real!!!

  17. Ornng tengok pun dah sakit jantung ni👁️👄👁️

  18. Solo mini farto un mini farto 😜👮😨😱😱😱osjxlsnxlaksk XD

  19. NATAN Vinicius de Albuquerque Dourado says:


  20. Tips How to survive withered bonnie
    1.hug withered bonnie and say I love u withered bonnie
    2.bring he face and put it into his head
    3.bring withered bonnie to u home and hug him in bed
    4.say bonnie ugly and point to chica

    And u will survive at least withered bonnie will hug u hard

  21. When ever I'm playing this game, my little brother comes in and says, "I wAnNa PlAy tHaT gAmE tOo!" And then he takes over my PC. Please can you put this game on Android and IOS devices? So my brother can stop annoying me all the time 🙂

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