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This is it, this is the end.

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Thanks guys!


  1. baz's laugh: hehehehehehehehehe

    ryan's laugh: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  2. i sad this is the last video ryan and baz are making

  3. That purple animatronic thing you guys saw at 12:57 is actually an edited Purple Guy animatronic.

    Kudos to the speededit community lol

  4. You guys need to react/play Chompers! More animatronics for you :3

  5. Wait that's not Baz! How'd you get Thor to feature?? 😲😲

  6. 0:27 hahaha ah nice to see two friends hanging out and having fun.

  7. Does anyone know why Ryan and other Ryan aka Baz don’t record in the same room anymore? Is it because of the Pandemic? Or did they move farther from each other 🙁

  8. Dang I was hoping they'd finish the interview videos XP

  9. Damn. I’ve been wanting to make a FNAF VHS series in hopes of it being covered here for months. And now, I can’t.

  10. Title: our LAST vhs reaction
    There will be another

  11. Anyone notice how Baz really grew his hair out?

  12. 2:00 – hell.mp4
    8:10 – malfunction.mp4
    12:10 – No Running_MP4
    13:05 – Spring trap death tape / Fazbear's fright (FNAF3 Footage)
    14:20 – You're lucky (fnaf vhs)

  13. Honestly I think at this point it should be changed from 8-BitGaming to 8-BitReacting

  14. Hey guys it's Ryan here…
    And it's Joe Exotic here 😂

  15. Bazz looks like he's in an 80s rock band

  16. Fun fact, Hurricane (from "Hurricane News) was where FNAF The Silver Eyes took place 🙂 Loved this series, it was one of my favourites

  17. I have been getting harassed recently about voicing my opinion on why fnaf isn't a child's game so I thought I would come here to seek more of a appreciative audience.

  18. I have a message that I tried To find nostalgic videos and i found your channel from 6 years so i replied to you's on twitter i hope you can notice the reply cuz it'll make my day :')

  19. I actually was apart of that first tape you guys reacted to. I was responsible for most of the visuals that you saw (including the models and animation), I acted as Cardinal’s tenth man, and was also the voice actor for Nigel Lance!

    I had a blast working on it with Cardinal. I enjoyed making the renders, animation, and making the news report feel like a real news report. My heart was just racing watching your guy’s reaction. I’m so glad to see you enjoyed it. =)

  20. Imagine living in Russia:
    I'm not scared of it cuz how can this shitasses move from USA to Russia

  21. The purple animatronic in the no running video was that purple guy animatronic from way back when that people thought was real

  22. Baz's hair is so long he could star in The Witcher or Game of Thrones. I love it.

  23. I dead ass went "Sheeeeeeeesh-" when I saw baz's hair. Fuckin bad ass my guy

  24. the purple animatronic i think was the purple guy hoax

  25. 12:51
    That right there is the Purple Guy Animatronic, a FNaF 2 Hoax.


  27. Bazz, your hair is GLORIOUS. ^__^
    Ryan, your hair is glorious as well too!!

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