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Watch live as I take on the ultimate challenge of the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative’s first entry. One Night at Flumpty’s is coming to an end, and we’ll be giving it the ultimate sendoff here today.

Along with my friend and fellow FNaF pro Bonnie360, I’ll also be giving some helpful tips on beating the game later on in the stream.

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  1. 針地獄怪獣 ハリゴジラ (Harigodzilla) says:

    Ambience, I even beat the whole game, it was really harder but i manage to beat by understanding the mechanics & how to beat (especially for Flumpty Night & Hard boiled mode were the harder ones), OnaF 3 can be challenging buy the way

  2. Very epic stream first win on hard boiled mode on onaf 1 with power still remaining on the current patch, hard boiled mode win first time on onaf 2 and beat hard boiled mode on onaf 3 and played ucn, beating 50/20 mode twice in 4 attempts with the second win being his 100th win on the mode and saw tangle on the desk as well

  3. I have finally took the courage to get discord! I'm really excited to chat with this wonderful community. Hope I see ya there!

  4. Bruh ambience I'm trying to beat 20/10 mode in fnaf sister location in mobile can you make a video just to make a stragedy for mobile???

  5. Ambience gets jumpscared by golden Flumpty,literally every ONaF 3 character, "it's my time to shine".

  6. ONAF 3 Hard boiled mode : * exists *

    Ambience : Finally,a worthy opponent

  7. i was kinda to lazy to watch the whole thing, can you give me a basic rundown of the mechanics?

  8. Have you played five nights at Candy's yet?

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