OFFICE, BUTTONS AND DOORS | How To Make A Fnaf Game On Scratch | Ep.2 | ParsecGames -

OFFICE, BUTTONS AND DOORS | How To Make A Fnaf Game On Scratch | Ep.2 | ParsecGames

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How To Make A Fnaf Game On Scratch | Ep.2 | Office, Doors and Buttons | ParsecGames

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Episode 1.5:

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Welcome back to our tutorial series! In part 2, you will learn how to create the office, together with working doors and buttons!


  1. the button only trigger the door and the right light is flashing nonstop.

  2. i did same thing as u and all the button does is freak out wen i put my mouse over it. can u help me

  3. i can see no difference from your tutorial yet when i click the lights button the door activates and deactivates but when i click the door the lights button turns on/off can someone help plzzzz.

  4. i have a bug from the office scrolling it going off if not script it not working

  5. for some reason i cannot see the buttons on my game

  6. That is not where we left off 😡🤬😤😖😠👿😾🗯

  7. You’ve changed some code and you’ve added one sprite

  8. Fun Fact: Did you know that if u make FNAF on scratch , you can also run it in a potato pc! Try it out for yourself!

  9. I programed buttons in a difrient way and finally i leard the office movment

  10. Question, 10:56 uhm I did what you did but it won't go right when i make it go left did i do something wrong?

  11. Moral of the video Parsec Hates Scratch of not tidying its sprites

  12. The code for Static and 12:00 AM:
    Static: when backdrop switches to black,
    hide, go to x0 y0.

    12:00AM: When flag clicked, hide. When I recieve show.newspaper, wait 5 seconds, show, play sound blip3 until done, wait 5 seconds, hide

  13. All ima say is thank u when i did other fnaf tutorials the doors was wobbling but this tutorial is so simple

  14. I did it already so I know the maximum and minimun of the office_X

  15. Here's the way to make the office bigger than 150.

    Make an empty costume and immediately set the size to 170. This is the best proportions for the office. Then, upload the office costume to that empty sprite. The size will stay 170, so you can have an office that is size 170.

  16. HELP ME it only turn right for some reason i have to reset the slider but still only turn right

  17. So im making a fan made fnaf game on scratch and whenever I get to the office part it NEVER works this was like my 10th time trying and it still didn't work so now im just gonna give up on trying I guess. 😐


  19. Wow you’re pretty good at guessing numbers

  20. Does anyone else have a problem when the left door button reverts to 11 after 2 clicks? Please help if you can.

  21. For some reason,the office costume 01 isnt working because it seems my else command has a mind of its own and wont change to it

  22. Saving my video progress so whenever i switch to a diff part i don't lose where i went to

    Note: anyone can use this

  23. please give begginer tutoriel for night number

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