Office And Darkness Overlay | How To Make A FNAF Game In Scratch | Ep 2 -

Office And Darkness Overlay | How To Make A FNAF Game In Scratch | Ep 2

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  1. my office shows during fade and night screen dont show can you help?

  2. can you help me when i click the green flag so my game will start my game fades before i even press play

  3. Bad bad bad horrible dints do it right i need help


  5. and when you are done send the link of your

  6. I always count on you to help me, and you always succeed. You deserve so many more subs!

  7. im almost doen cause i have the fade but not office i try to skip to cams office mask but i gotta do the hole thing

    you looked down didnt you well this means you gotta play security breach

  8. Im doing a five nights on scratch Project and This is really ganna help thanks!

  9. My static wouldn’t show whenever I made the night mode


  11. When I try to upload the office template so that I can make a sprite of it, it doesn't work. Please let me know if you know how to fix it. Besides that your work is GREAT!

  12. why does it move the other way when I move my mouse cursor that way

  13. After I tested the game, I thought the thing deleted the static making me restart the fade.

  14. Tbh I only used this video for the camera I’m making a fnaf 4 game but thanks any way

  15. the play button stopped working after i did that :C

  16. 8:16 also i need help with that part to because you were going to fast

  17. If you have it set to 120% (size) I found -1.4 to be the best number for movement of the office

  18. uhh i followed all of the night screen steps but it won't show the "night 1" can somebody tell me how to fix this

  19. Hey, I'm new to making a game, so it may just be me being cringe, but the Night# variable isn't appearing for me where I can drag it and put it where the night system works, can you try to help out?

  20. I love how you also explain questionable things that you do in your tutorials, it really helps viewers and makes us understand Scratch much better

  21. Please tell me you got the office plates

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