NEW Roblox FNAF Game! The Beginning of Static ENT -

NEW Roblox FNAF Game! The Beginning of Static ENT

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NEW Roblox FNAF Game! The Beginning of Static ENT

Roblox The Beginning of Static Ent –

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  1. Dude let's play some time i sent a request 2 years ago

  2. Im glad gallant doesnt follow these new trends like among us or fnf , but just keeps with this one , keep it up gallant!

  3. You play other fnaf games :c but no mine :cc pls play my fnaf game FNaF: Fazbear’s RolePlay

  4. Epic loved this hands down ngl good work Gallant

  5. Hey there Gallant! CEO of Static ENT. Thank you so much for playing our game! We will work hard and make it better for you to play it another time! Again, thank you! We will add badges for the characters, again thank you!

    With love, Static Ent. Team

  6. Imagine having a Roblox FNAF game about the “What If…?” Stories

  7. I glad that we finally gets to know a lot about this game

  8. im 47 on comment and also 637 watchign nice!

  9. Im the 55th comment and the 147th like and the 920th veiw on friday the 3 setemper

  10. This game cinda looks like the beginning of Faz bear ent

  11. Gallant, This game is created by the Creator of Fazbear Ent. Called FredbearFazey.

  12. How do you play the game I can't find it

  13. One Question, Can you play Archived nights With Me to do an Roleplay? My Account is: TheoScholten on ROBLOX!

  14. I’m gonna favorite the game just in case i miss any new badges I hope this game can be successful and popular in the future!

  15. Should i change my profile to night bear (un nightmare nightmare)

  16. I want to tell u guys that is almost my birthday is on September 18th 😀 14 more days 😀

  17. We need a video on how to get the first badge in Burgers and Fries rp by lone watermelon

  18. The thumbnail reminds me of Darzeth's old mascot of a tv head instead of a pumpkin

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