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FNAF Security Breach is one of the most anticipated FNAF games ever and Steel Wool Studios is feeding us with this new FNAF Security Breach Teaser video and FNAF Security Breach release date hint. More is coming!!! Love you all 🙂







  1. Just want to point out the obvious here and say that the teaser was very Scooby doo -esque.
    This was probably done on purpose since in scooby doo, the entire show revolves around unmasking bad guys/villains.
    This is probably far fetched but maybe this is hinting at us possibly being able to see what Vanny looks like without her mask

  2. If you really are a fan of fnaf…do you know who is the afton family?;)

  3. that white thing as vannessa she is watching animatronics

  4. I’m comment 1,000… LETS GOOOOO!!!!

  5. Do you think were gonna get to see a kid stuffed in a suit tho? like how much gore is gonna be in this one? Blood?

  6. Am I the only one getting old Scooby Doo vibes?

  7. I got a huge question for you. Are there 2 William Aftons. Because one is from ultimate custom night and the other is from help wanted. Are they really the same?

  8. Freddy pretty thick and Bonnie foxy is skinny

  9. I think steel wool is going to continue uploading episodes which will contain Easter Eggs from Security Breach. And I'm saying this now if that is the case I think there's 100% going to be a release date in the last episode they post.

  10. To be honest, the Easter egg looks like springtrap half built and vanny needs ears and stuff, it looks like souls in the back
    Just my guess

  11. That "white spot" was just the spacing between the trees, nothing really of note there. =P

  12. Funny cartoon playing a literally a part of the sky starts showing in the forest.

    "There's something hidden there!"

  13. i saw mat pat`s latest video, and he said maybe the release date is:


  14. the part where 'on tour' covers the text on the van is probably just "Pizza Delivery" since its on a delivery van from Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria anyways

  15. i’ve never seen your account before but it was just recommended to me when i opened youtube and i gotta say, i love finding another fnaf youtuber, and i also super love the [REDACTED] end tshirt 🖤🤍

  16. To be honest I think they’re going to wait till October before they release it even if it’s ready

  17. I think the nightmare thing looks like the thing from the teaser trailer at the end

  18. I’m excited for security breach but I’m going to have to buy a new pc before I do get security breach. My current pc can’t even handle gta 5, I’ll probably just use it for streaming

  19. You know this is ep 1 and the number at the end was 2
    What If each episode gives us a number in a different spot so there is 6 episodes in general and once there filled that would give us the release date

  20. I think the hook was supposed to be a middle finger

  21. don’t think i don’t see that unus annus shirt

  22. No is not staff robots why is the soul of kid

  23. Right before the big glitch that looks like a knife in bonnies hand

  24. Yo, you missed the Easter egg with what I believe to be glitch trap or vanny’s shadow, it is right after chica eats the large amount of pizza when the van is on the road, once on that scene look to the upper left of the screen on the hill

  25. Also you would need to play it at a speed of x0.25 to properly see it

  26. NEWS if you zoom in on the van from the on tour animation, You can find A CUT OFF PHONE NUMBER under the on tour Sign

  27. imagine they cancel the game last minute 💀 I doubt it but imagine.

  28. Just an idea, we know it's coming out in 2021, right? Only one of the numbers end with a 21, 010421, 10 4 21, October the 4th.

  29. maybe the phone number on the ran is a release date. most area codes are 3 digits, but the one on the van was only one. the number also happened to be 1, so maybe it will have a January release date?

  30. I like how Everyone is struggling over the Pizza Delivery text on the truck lol, kinda funny but it's fnaf teaser you never know

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