New FNAF Game in 2021 - Let's Go! [FNAF - Security Breach] -

New FNAF Game in 2021 – Let’s Go! [FNAF – Security Breach]

John Wolfe
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FNAF Security Breach is the eighth game in the FNAF series and the biggest one yet! In a major departure for the games, this one’s in full 3D just like many people have wanted for years. Let’s see what it’s like!

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  1. John's fate in this video is a bad case of bow Chica wow wow

  2. 43:02
    "You're not really much for security are ya?"
    Wet floor sign-🤷🏻

  3. "Socks looking like Two-Face from Batman Forever." I don't know when the opportunity will present itself, but when it does, I will use that line.

  4. Gives me case animatronics vibes but way less jank

  5. I dont know how to explain why, but this seems like a kid friendly version of the game. I think the team is aware of how kids started to like FNAF over the years and are a huge part of the fanbase.

  6. really cool to hear that you’re raising money for the trevor project, thanks for all that you do john means a lot to so many people 🙂

  7. Why is this kid sneaking around anyway? Why doesn’t he go home

  8. Why dose Freddy sound so much like John Wick 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Okay, I just wanna say I really appreciate John doing a charity stream for LGBT cuz of how the creator is opposite minded.
    The game is good but I love that you did that John.

  10. In hindsight strollers have kids in them alot of times and people dont ussually just abandon strollers so I guess its reasonable to check them anyway

  11. Watched Markipliers playthrough and now binge watching Johns. Awesome video so far and can't wait to watch part 2!!

  12. They move less like animatronics and look more like action figures in my opinion. I miss the old scary atmosphere this is just idk… story is great tho it might get better?

  13. Man I'm impressed this game looks amazing

  14. Not finished watching the video yet, so I don't know if John addresses this at some point, but one thing that's bugging me is the animation for the animatronics. Not that it's bad, but they don't really move like animatronics. They're very smooth and unrestricted in their movement, as opposed to being stiff with joints that can only move so much. They move essentially as humans do, and don't have the rigidness that a machine definitely would, of any technological level. Definitely not game breaking or anything, just a personal gripe of mine.

    In spite of that, the game looks pretty cool, it really adds some much needed flavor into the game series that I think it needed for a while. I'd love to see it finished!

  15. The idea that one of their animatronics keeps eating garbage and they can't get it to stop is hilarious to me. "Hey dude, could you make sure to take out the garbage before you go to bed? Mark has been eating the trash lately and I'm getting tired of driving him to the hospital."

  16. john i’m so upset that your videos don’t pop up anymore and i noticed that your notifications will not turn on for me. it says its unavailable for “kids” when literally i have everyone else’s notifications on. i hated to see how late i was to your gameplay of this, you’re my favorite to watch when anything new comes out. i hope youtube fixes it. loving the gameplay btw ❤️

  17. I've never been a fan of the fnaf games, personally I've never found them scary, but I really enjoyed Security Breach despite the bugs. The whole game's atmosphere is very nostalgic for me, and Freddy is just the sweetest bear robot. I don't really care about where it fits in in the convoluted fnaf lore, I'm just here to have a good time.

  18. I need Roxy's confidence when I play this game!! Love it, love you too John Wolfe!!

  19. "The voice easily sounds like it could become evil"

    Yes, tis the voice of voice actor kellen Goff, who also voices sunnydrop/moondrop in the game, as well as funtime Freddy and molten freddy, lahmu in shin megami tensei 5, and fiddlesticks in league of legends

  20. "Its fairly significant" u bet ur harshly critical ass it is😂

  21. John: where’s Chika? Oh, she’s right here.

    Also John: immediately leaves hiding spot.

  22. "Where's Foxy?! Where's Bonnie?!" Literally me at the beginning. I understand a bit now that I watched Mark's play through but I'm still upset. They're my favorite animatronics!

  23. "Where are Foxy and Bonnie.. well, they must be around somewhere"
    Bonnie: 🎳
    Foxy: 💀

  24. That intro. 😂
    John would be a great narrator or radio host.

  25. Why is it only for LGBT youth, why not everyone. THIS IS RACISM JOHN !!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  26. WATCH OUT FOR CHCIAS TELEPORTATION !!!! LOL 😂 and yes robots do tell on you lol but I’m sure by now you already know since I’m just now watching it

  27. They've been Disneyfied. No thanks, hard pass.

  28. 😊 Kinda cool to see my name (Vanessa) in a game.
    Thanks for another great video, John!

  29. Overall it’s ok it has good qualities but for a FNAF game it’s kinda disappointing on the grand scale of things it’s ok.

  30. You could tell they didn't get the rights to Jump by Van Halen on the intro sequence.

  31. seeing the animatronics move around so seamlessly and intelligently (to an extent) really kills the scare factor for me. they just look like regular video game character models, and not like spooky animatronics. just feels too high-tech to be scary for me. plus I've gotten really tired of the 80's nostalgia style in recent media. it's overdone in my opinion. overall, I think it's clear that the franchise has taken a departure from creepy atmosphere and is now far more targeted at a younger audience.

  32. 33:33 Having worked in customer service, yes, he has to be that sorry. For everything. All the time.

  33. The possible reason for Freddy's reaction about Mr. Hippo magnet, is that Mr. Hippo is not popular in FNAF (in a in-universe way to say) because of how boring he is (i mean, kids don't like speeches like his), and Freddy is aware of this, so it was just natural reaction that a adult would have when a kid receive something that both know that is not a nice gift

  34. I love how the staff bots spin around, they were made intentionally to annoy people and it works lol!

  35. im finding this child character very annoying

  36. Where are Bonnie and Foxy? Bonnie was last seen entering Monty Golf and it's assumed Monty killed him because he replaced Bonnie in the band. The game never mentions what happened to Foxy but Roxy replaced him.

  37. Chica is the only one who checks the carriages.

  38. this is a batim-level "destroyed integrity of game by selling out to children" disaster. a thousand pestilences upon everyone involved in the creation of this shitshow

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