NEW FNAF GAME + BABY TEASER! || Five Nights at Freddys 6/Tycoon (FNAF Game Teaser) -

NEW FNAF GAME + BABY TEASER! || Five Nights at Freddys 6/Tycoon (FNAF Game Teaser)

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Scottgames and FNAF World have updated! is a NEW FNAF Tycoon game in the works!

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  1. YAS!!! circus baby is coming back!!

  2. On the pizza is the pepparoni important? 3-4-3?

  3. beep beep all aboard the hype train for fnaf 6 fnaf yeah ✌

  4. Didn't he say fnaf 6 would haunt are nightmares? In the Freddy files not a dumbass tycoon

  5. Baby: I will come back because dummy i always will return including Him

  6. It said on a gameinformer that scott cawthon is done with the fnaf series

  7. this isnt baby if you look at the cracks on the old teaser its different to the cracks on the new teaser it has to be ballora the cracks are completely different

  8. Hey the picture update dark picture is ballora

  9. I don’t like the typhoon type game I like the office monitor the animatronics

  10. Hopefully you could design your own animatronics and set which ones are harder to beat than others.

  11. When baby's wakes up oh come on not a theory when baby's got to sleep finnaly no theroys in my eyes

  12. Fusion: so Scott said fnaf6 is on hold

    Me:HOLD UP!!? You saying there is a new fnaf coming out!?!?


  14. Hold on, the baby picture reminds me of the cutscenes in Sister location where The robot parts go into the sewer and eyes appear, does this mean that baby might be in the sewers and resting?

  15. i feel like Scott is making 2 or 3 more games because twisted ones as we have not forgot is still a teaser but he is telling that there may also be a fnaf 7 witch we know he is working on both. (even though fnaf sister location 2 witch is fnaf 7 or 6 is taking a break)the third game was this tycoon Fusion was talking about. I know there will be fnaf 7 cause the are both gunna be released.

  16. Nigga this some bitch ass shit this nigga scott ain't gonna make it

  17. Oh shoot 666 comments….. lol I might as well mess that up. 🤣

  18. what if its not a tycoon game but a detective game

  19. the Freddy picture is a fnaf world update I think

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