NEW FNAF GAME + BABY TEASER! || Five Nights at Freddys 6/Tycoon (FNAF Game Teaser) -

NEW FNAF GAME + BABY TEASER! || Five Nights at Freddys 6/Tycoon (FNAF Game Teaser)

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Scottgames and FNAF World have updated! is a NEW FNAF Tycoon game in the works!

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  1. Update 3 to FNaF World? Because I'm pretty sure people want Update 3 to FNaF World, but I bet FNaF 6 will come out first for new characters.

  2. Yesss.!!! I love tycoons.! I never thought this would happen.! But I’m so excited.!!.

  3. I think the tycoon will take place in the first fredbears family dinner because the Freddy looks the same as the give cake mini game from fnaf 2 and have hints of sstuff like the puppets orogin

  4. Ill give you a hint what the mini games pics are for.
    They are for the next games mini games.

  5. Is it me? or does it look like freddy is juggling dragon balls?

  6. That kinda looks like spring trap actually

  7. I think fnaf 6 should be a game where you can switch between animatronics defending against robbers, rioters, protesters and guards. The animatronics have guns and knives, kind of like an action game more than a horror/tycoon. (My opinion)

  8. Those Aren't pizza's… those are dragon balls!!! Tan tan tan

  9. Or the Freddy juggling the pizza is a loading screen

  10. The open green eyes is baby. The closed ones is ballora and the yellow ones is fun time foxys in the teaser

  11. 2013-Fnaf





  12. Pizzeria Tycoon (my idea) make your own pizzeria buy, upgrade, and…KILL Lure children into the back room don't get caught open different pizzeria's to lure more in

  13. that's so gay who would want a tycoon fnaf wtf

  14. The robot with the closed eyes looks like balora to me

  15. Hey the rainbow teaser is not for the tycoon it's a teaser for Fnaf six why here's why it will take back to Williams past when he did the first murder because of the sprites they look like the give cake mini game and the rainbow Behind Freddy is a throw back to 90's technology and Scott games says what is paragraph four paragraph four could mean a lot of things but that was uploaded after mat pats theory him solving Fnaf part one paragraph four of that theory was about Williams first murder hope you understand that the rainbow teaser won't have anything to do with any tycoon game -Adam pot

  16. fnaf is kinda dead but definitely gonna play it

  17. or baby’s eyes are closed because of the game being finished

  18. I just wanna point out that Scott said he was working on 3 projects when he canceled FNAF 6. It could be that the pizzas represent the games that he's working on and Freddy represents Scott juggling 3 projects at once

  19. Mmmm I’m fine with a tycoon as long as that’s not the only thing like I still really want a continuation of the FNAF storyline

  20. Wow, I remember thinking fnaf was over after the second one-

  21. OMG Fuzoin just got me a theory obout these teasers

  22. did anyone know that if you save the image it says i am still here?

  23. This might just be my eyes but if you actually zoom into both of baby’s eyes when they are closed you can clearly see what seems to be the reflection of ennards face. Reply to this if you’ve spotted it too.

  24. I suppose, in the meantime…

    Don't Wake The Baby.

  25. her eyes arent closed, she is just dancing to the crashing, scratching, screeching, bumping, and clanging

  26. Plot twist, the Tycoon game IS FNAF 6!!!! XD

  27. That tycoon game would be super fnaf maker. I think it wouldn't be as exciting as a fnaf which would actually add to the story. There are so many mysteries which haven't been covered yet and a tycoon fnaf would just be a filler game (in my eyes).

  28. remember fnaf world? i do. i need update 3… or… something else…

  29. little did people know that later two fnaf games would come out

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