NEVER DRINK COFFEE WHILE PLAYING FNAF... | 3 Random FNAF Fan Games (chosen by YOU on Twitter) #4 -

NEVER DRINK COFFEE WHILE PLAYING FNAF… | 3 Random FNAF Fan Games (chosen by YOU on Twitter) #4

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NEVER DRINK COFFEE WHILE PLAYING FNAF… | 3 Random FNAF Fan Games (chosen by YOU on Twitter) #4
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1 – The Story of Ripped: Remake ►
2 – One Night With a Box ►
3 – Five Nights at Candy’s: Better Collection ►

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  2. Bonnie thought he was sonic during night 2 lol

  3. The game salmon these games never scare me
    An animatronic rabbit named Bonnie

  4. WHY?! WHY IS SAM SO ADORABLE?! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣It's not fair!

  5. I really like the accent of the phone guy in the first game

  6. The Freddy Bear Onsie is so cute!nSEND ME ONE😶


  8. Me just not complaining about the onesie. That one person: FURRRRY

  9. idk if it's just me but douse the thegamesalmon have nice hair.

  10. your vids make my day i woke up this morning all let down and sad for some reason so i clicked this vid and i made my day

  11. Plot twist:the coffee was hot so he has a red spot where the coffee spilled lol

  12. Really cool and decent game, but R.I.P Sam. Also reminds me of the time he spilt milk on his key board while playing a fnaf fan game.
    I guess history really does repeat itself. Just in slightly different ways.

  13. 2017: "I Spilled Milk on my keyboard."
    2022: "I Spilled Coffee on my Onesie"
    IDK how but this channel finds ways to accidentally causing havoc on themselves. From spilling liquid anywhere in their office, to breaking a game. I LOVE IT!!.

  14. This video was pretty good. I liked the onesie, btw. Where did you get it?

  15. 5:12 I swear I thought he was gonna say Sweetie I thought I told you we have Freddy Fazbear at home.

  16. And salmon spilt his coffee nice job bonnie

  17. Hi TGS, how 'bout playing One Night at Potatoe's or Five Nights with Froggy?

  18. Bro your reaction when you drink coffee and get the jumpscare 🤣

  19. “Punching Boxes”…let’s hope Solid Snake (Metal Gear) wasn’t in one of them!

  20. to get attention for this comment I'm putting it here, about a year ago (by YouTube standards) you played nights with peashooter and peashooters nights,
    I think you should do full playthroughs since nights with peashooter full game released a month ago and peashooter nights is out

  21. He looks very muscular while wearing that onsie

  22. i dont know if you played this but theres a game called feed my billy and the night riper

  23. I laughted so hard when u got jumpedscared

  24. You should make a series playing Lego Fnaf

  25. Love ur onesie happy new year salmon!!!!🎉🎉

  26. 7:31 I cannot believe that was 4-5 years ago, I still remember it pretty clear haha. First thing I thought of while you were cleaning up your coffee.

  27. Dat guy is one of people who raised me XD usually drink coffe while playing

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