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HEY Y’ALL! Today we’re back with some more TJOC Story Mode!! This time we ended up beating level 3 and checking out level 4. ENJOY!

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  1. Not fnaf bring this man to the top like Cory Bro is next in line

  2. Yo dude. I absolutely LOVE your videos. Mind if I get a shout out?

  3. Saw this banger video when picking a video for watching while having lunch

  4. W VID AS ALWAYS BIRK. Sometimes I be forgetting u only got like 50k cuz u make such good quality videos like if u had a mil. Fav YouTuber rn bro

  5. 9:42 When EDP pays you a visit but he doesn't even try to hide it anymore 😂😂😂😂

  6. Watching your videos is like returning to OG YouTube.
    the best feeling.
    Keep it up bro

  7. this guy is the only thing I find fun to watch on youtube

  8. "open the entrance and flash them" sounds about right 😭😭

  9. Merry christmas Birkin fam, I hope yall spend nice holidays and you too ofc Birk!

  10. I never thought I'd see you play this game for more than 2 levels when I watched the episode 2 years ago 😂 Thank you for bringing the series back fr ❤🔥

  11. best youtuber rn no cappppp,love you

  12. Nahhh, boy got jumpscared so hard that the "I have no enemies" turns on in the background and he was searching for air

  13. U can play any game and make me laugh funniest YouTube and YouTube ❤❤


  15. Birkin Risking His heart rate and suffering for us proves he’s a goat. [Ill visit you in the hospital after those jumpscares]

  16. I would give you help, but seeing you jump into these levels with no knowledge whatsoever is hilarious XD

    Fan game suggestions: Final nights 4
    Five night's at candys
    The return to bloody nights (This one scared me real bad)

  17. The attic is TERRIBLE, ITS SO LONG, REPETITIVE, AND HARD, I've never beat this myself, which is insane

    I wish you luck if yiu try this

  18. Game guide:

    For the basement, there are 4 main floors, 5, 4, 3, and 2. Floor 5 is the one with the furnace, you were doing good, so my only advice is to go up to the top of the stairs when you get the top hat, it will make the endo near the furnace disappear. As for floor 4 and 3, they are as simple as the instructions, just for floor 4, there are 4 posters with an animatronic on it and presents, the presents are a code for the colored buttons, there is a yellow buttin for chica, red for foxy, blue for bonnie and brown for freddy. The presentd are the order of the buttons so if chica has 1, her number goes first. Floor 2 is quite challenging, but if you lure the endos behind the gate, just keep looking at them so they don't move, just keep your distance from the stationary endos and when you reach the end, you should have enough distance that you can look at the endo in frint if the furnace and maneuver around it because it is the one that moves when your not looking, hit the top and you are safe

    Fun fact: By looking at the endos that move when you're not looking, look at their top half, and they won't kill you even if you walk into them, you can actually push them and it's kind of hilarious, please if you're taking anything from this guide, do what this fun fact says, its true, look it up in the wiki and it could be helpful and floor 4

    Thank you

  19. Can we be appreciative that birks’ jump scares are always so overdramatic and amazing.🫶

  20. yo we already hit that goal in the first day lmao. love your videos man

  21. My cat started dancing when you beat the office

  22. Happy holiday Birkin Boy Love form Malaysia!

  23. your getting scared gave me a fucking jumpscare bro ALMOST PISSED MY PANTS CS OF U

  24. Birk I gotta say , thank you for being my favorite youtuber and making this year special
    I love your content and appreciate all of the effort , love, and time that goes Into your videos
    I love the way u interact with ur fans with games n livestreams (bring them back the moment u can 🗣️‼️) and you don't just full fledge ignore them
    Thanks again birk big time and dueces

  25. "New Videos Monday's wendsdays and Friday"….😐

  26. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS BROOO🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🗣️

  27. We gave u the like goal what do we have to do for a pt 3

  28. How Tf did these robots get inside 😭

  29. can you play The Glitched Attraction its a fnaf fan game on game jolt

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