My Favorite FNaF Animatronic From Each Game and Why -

My Favorite FNaF Animatronic From Each Game and Why

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In this video, I discuss who my favorite character from each main installment of the FNaF series is and why I feel that way about them!

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(0:00) Intro
(1:45) FNaF 1
(3:42) FNaF 2
(5:30) FNaF 3
(7:08) FNaF 4
(9:33) Sister Location
(11:35) Pizzeria Simulator
(13:25) Help Wanted
(15:24) Security Breach


  1. I gotta say, my only 'favorite' I can point to is 'mangle' from fnaf 2. from the serpentine silhouette and pink and white color scheme that sets them apart from every other design we'd seen so far, to the body horror backstory of being repeatedly taken apart and put together again by children who didn't know the first thing about how animatronics actually worked, to the ambiguous gender that's just always welcome in my book, I always loved them, and would fantasize about cosplaying them

  2. near the begining i feel like its hard to disagree with someones fav charachter because of how little their was but with how long the franchise has been i feel like its easier to like different charachters (also many charachters from security breach have the benifits of being hot ex. the blob, roxy, the blob)

  3. Marionette, for being radically different than any other enemy in the games. Instead of bulky, he is slim and dexterous.


  5. Here are my picks
    Fnaf 1: golden Freddy
    Fnaf 2: puppet
    Fnaf 3: spring trap
    Fnaf 4: nightmare Fred bear
    Fnaf 5: Enerd
    Fnaf 6: scrap baby (or music man)
    UCN: lolbyt
    Fnaf VR: grimm foxy
    Fnaf AR: to hard to decide
    Fnaf SB: the clump

  6. The puppet is def my favorite HOWEVER I've got a soft spot for how goofy funtime Freddy is

  7. In my opinion, sun and moon are by far the best security breach animatronics. By the way, this is just my opinion so please no hate. The designs and overall style to the sun and moon animatronic are very unique and have not been used in the other Fnaf games at all. Their voices are incredible with sun being a high energy goofball and sometimes irritating voice and moon with the more sinister and downright disturbing voice. The way there introduced I think heโ€™s also very cool with sun, introducing himself by coming out of his little castle, and instantly grabbing Gregory with us instantly knowing how this character is going to be and moon crawling from behind the desk, and instantly flying away adding more to there creepiness. In my opinion, I feel like these characters are a little underrated sure, they have a lot of merchandise now and tiktoks and basically the whole show but I still sometimes feel like the characters are a little underrated next to the glamrocks.

  8. You really shoulda talked more about the jumpscares in this video, especially felt that when you talked about nightmare, it felt way more unsettling getting offed by him than I had with most other jumpscares.

    Great video, though!

  9. ๐“• ๐“ก ๐“ž ๐“ข ๐“ฃ ๐“‘ ๐“ ๐“ ๐“” ๐“ ๐“ ๐“ก ๐“ฅ ๐“˜ ๐““ says:

    one problem with this fandom is that people just complain too much

    dude i played these games since 2014 and loved every single one
    and loved every character

    i just don't understand how the fandom is so annoying to be like "ohh seCuRiTy BrEaCh SucKs" or "OhhH I mISs ThE oLD fNAf"
    that is so stupid
    just accept the game the way it is

  10. Actually lefty isnโ€™t a re-colour Scott probably reused rockstar Freddyโ€™s model to make him. He has got some model changes. Of course heโ€™s left-handed. His right eye is not only black but also has a different shape and last of all he has a bigger nose

  11. FNaF 1: Foxy

    FNaF 2: Toy Bonnie

    FNaF 3: Springtrap

    FNaF 4: Nightmare Fredbear

    Sister Location : Ballora

    Pizzeria Simulator: Lefty

    Security Breach: Glamrock Chica

  12. Funtime freddy is actually my favorite from sister location.

    1. His voice was the best in my opinion. I might be kinda biased because I love most of Kellenโ€™s voices, but it felt that he was the most energetic with his voice. The voice glitches and the laughter give it a lot of character (back to that later) and I think it really adds to Freddy. Also the German voice lines are pretty funny.

    2. How creepy he is. We know that the sister location animatronics were meant to kill. And it doesnโ€™t seem like they really know that, like in babyโ€™s voice lines. But with Freddyโ€™s laughs, upbeat tone, and how in the books he makes it a game to kill Mille, he genuinely enjoys killing kids! This has always made him super creepy for me. The laughs, voice glitches, and the taunting in night 2 seal the deal for me.

    3. His mechanics. The bon bon mechanic was so creative for him! It gave a way to deter Freddy, but it also left an uneasy feeling for me. Why is this animatronic Helping the guard? And the way that Freddy slowing roams around the room while you canโ€™t see is terrifying.

    3.5. Night 3. I also loved night 3 with the repair station. This might have inspired the repair game for Help Wanted. But the way you have to be soo precise to click the exact spot is nerve-racking. And how Bon Bon tries to protect Freddy at the end is really cool. Bon Bon doesnโ€™t want you to decommission freddy, so what used to be your only help is now trying to kill you!

    Overall heโ€™s the best

  13. ๊ง just a fellow idiot ๊ง‚ says:

    I wish fnaf 3 had a decayed version of fredbear/ golden freddy, would of made it harder, and more interesting

  14. Alright so my favorites are (PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE JUST MY OPINIONS):

    Fnaf 1: Foxy (Yes I know he's overrated but he's still a good one)
    Fnaf 2: Mangle or Puppet (Can"t decide ;-;)
    Fnaf 3: Springtrap (For obvious reasons)
    Fnaf 4: Nightmare Foxy (I like the design)
    Sister Location: Ballora (The voice, her design, overall really like it)
    Pizzeria Sim: Scrap Baby (The claw)
    Help Wanted: Glitchtrap (Obvious reasons again)
    Security Breach: Roxy (I relate to her non destroyed form, a lot)

  15. Fnaf 1: Bonnie
    Fnaf 2: Mangle
    Fnaf 3: Springtrap
    Fnaf 4: Nightmare Fredbear
    Sister Location: Funtime Foxy
    Pizzeria Sim: Lefty
    Help Wanted: Lolbit
    Security Breach: Montgomery Gator

  16. FNaF 1: Freddy
    FNaF 2: The Puppet
    FNaF 3: Springtrap
    FNaF 4: Nightmarionne
    FNaF SL: Funtime Freddy
    FNaF PS: Lefty
    FNaF UCN: Fredbear
    FNaF VR: Glitchtrap
    FNaF SB: Moondrop
    FNaF SB Ruin: Glamrock Bonnie

  17. I like withered freddy. it's literally fnaf 1 freddy but chonky

  18. My favorites:
    Fnaf 1: bonnie
    Fnaf 2: Withar. Bonnie, marionette
    Fnaf 3: springtrap, phantom chica
    Fnaf 4: nightmarionne, night. Bonnie
    Fnaf SL: fun. Freddy and bonbon, balora and balorines, fun. Foxy, ennard
    Pizza sim: lefty, molten Freddy (but Iโ€™d redesign him a bit) rockstar foxy helpy and trash gang
    Fnaf SB: daycare attendant, map bot, wet floor sign bot, blob and vent pests AKA music men

  19. Finally someone agrees with me that the nightmares are some of the best designs in fnaf

  20. Withered Bonnie and Withered Foxy are my two favorite characters out of all of fnaf. Withered Bonnie seems so awesome to me I canโ€™t explain it. With Foxy, his design is sick. The red and overall foxy model is awesome

  21. I will always be a withered Chica type of girlie, the dislodged jaw, the missing arms, the looming figure? what's not to love

  22. My favorite fnaf characters in each game are:
    Fnaf1: Foxy
    Fnaf2: Foxy
    Fnaf3: Foxy
    Fnaf4: Foxy
    Sister Location: Foxy
    Pizzeria Sim: Foxy
    Help Wanted: Grim Foxy
    Security Breach: Monty

  23. Fnaf1: golden Freddy
    Fnaf2: withered Bonnie
    Fnaf3: springtrap… Duh.
    Fnaf4: jack-o-chica or nightmareion
    Sister location: Funtime Freddy
    Pizza sim: molten freddy
    Help wanted: glitch rap
    Security breach: sun/moondrop

  24. What i learned today. When it comes to fnaf, Pastra is a basic bitch. Jk jk, all of those characters are the most popular for a reason. It's cause they slap from both a narrative and design aspect

  25. My favorite design is Nightmarionne. The mask with teeth to the glitchy voice to the tendrils annoncing its arrival.

  26. just because your own scary art style and your own character, I'm subscribing!

  27. my list
    1: bonnie
    2: withered bonnie
    3: springtrap
    4: nightmarrionne and fredbear
    sister location: ballora
    pizza simulator: candy cadet
    help wanted: glitchtrap
    security breach: dj music man

  28. my favorite character used to be withered bonnie but now its ballora… kind of opposites. (its because of her music box)

  29. One of the main reasons Roxy stood out the most to me besides the โ€œattracted to toxic womenโ€ and โ€œI can fix herโ€ mentalities was that she was the only one that had a fleshed out personality. Plus, Security Breach finally but briefly gave us an instance of the animatronics interacting with one another. Her telling Freddy to get out of her room gives off annoyed older sibling vibes and Iโ€™m all for it since it in a way it solidifies how they see each other as friends/family. The Ruin DLC adds even more to her character, which I wouldnโ€™t be surprised if you said she was your favorite in that game too, then again the mimic isnโ€™t a bad option either.

  30. I feel like withered freddy is hella underrated, he was also along with wither foxy were shafted out of ucn while wither bonnie and chica stick around and are the more iconic of the withers. I feel freddy was the most imposing out of the withers physically, this behemoth of a withered animatronic, staring at you from across the hallway with those large sunken eyes looking at you. It brings fear like he wants to make you look like him by probably tearing you apart. He also hunches down to attack you making it seem like he is the tallest of the wither. He absolutely is my favorite fnaf 2 with wither bonnie being a very close second.

  31. Something tells me nightmare from fnaf 4 is a foreshadowing of lefty as nightmare and nightmarionette share the exact same AI

  32. nightmare is probably just a representation of Cassidy

  33. Nightmare for life ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ

  34. The Puppet is definitely my favorite overall, especially after discovering the lore behind its character, but Ballora tends to come in as a close second. Learning about Charlotte thanks to the books and several parts of PizzaSim adds a lot of depth to the Puppet and even Lefty by-proxy.

    For how young she must've been, PizzaSim's true ending says a lot about Charlotte's nature as a protective mom-friend, who was tragically murdered by a family friend and might've been the only one who could recognize our protagonist. And despite said protagonist Michael being the oldest son of her killer, he might've actually been someone she considered a friend, but every victim of William Afton only sees Michael as William himself, even after William dies and is left sealed in that saferoom. Makes you think how differently things would pan out if Charlotte actually was able to recognize Michael for who he is.

  35. I believe that scraptrap looks like Jimmy neutron is because springtrap pooped like popcorn when the fnaf 3 location burned down

  36. I'm gonna list mine for every game aside from Help Wanted because I don't really know a whole lot about it.

    FNaF 1: I'd say I like all the animatronics from this game fairly evenly but I'd probably give the edge to Chica. I personally just find her the most unnerving.

    FNaF 2: This one is easy for me. It's Withered Chica hands down. I think she's the creepiest design Scott's ever made.

    FNaF 3: I know Springtrap is the obvious choice but it helps that his design is genuinely really good. I think it's my favourite design in the whole series.

    FNaF 4: I don't really like any of the Nightmare animatronics but, if I had to pick one, maybe Nightmare Foxy? I think he just looks the least ridiculous out of them all and is the only one where the absurd amount of teeth looks right.

    FNaF SL: Probably Funtime Freddy. My main reason for this one is that you can really get a sense for just how massive he is due to his head to body ratio and to me that makes him way more intimidating than any of the other animatronics in SL.

    FNaF PS: I'm probably also going to say Lefty, but with the caveat that I think PS has the weakest roster of animatronics overall. Compared to some of the designs from the other games I think Lefty is just okay.

    FNaF SB: This one is also fairly easy for me. Basic pick but it's Glamrock Freddy. His design is great, he's a joy to be around personality-wise, and his VA did a killer job. Honourable mention to Roxy as her character grew on me substantially after SB: Ruin.

  37. Roxy is your favorite character in Security breach Hmm?

  38. โ˜๐•จ๐•’๐•๐•๐•ช ๐••๐•’๐•ฃ๐•๐•š๐•Ÿ๐•˜ says:

    I see others listing down their favorites, so here are mine!

    FNAF 1: Bonnie the Bunny.
    To start with, I had a huge crush on him when I was a little kid, so I'll be real, I'm a little bit biased. But this silly little rabbit guy has just won my heart ever since he was first on my screen.
    Generally, he's one of the most unsettling of the animatronics, probably due to his lack of eyebrows and his defiance against space, time and physics. This, as well as the other small lore about him, such as him being the animatronic to constantly give Scott Cawthon nightmares, and him apparently eating a cat, I love my freakish bunny creature thing.

    FNAF 2: The Marionette/The Puppet.
    The puppet is an incredibly grasping character for many reasons. To start with, the design. I love the design of the Puppet. I wanna be that Puppet. The stripes, the tear streaks, it's grossly slender body, it's so great.
    Secondly, it's insanely creepy. Compared to the giant lumbering animals that you normally had to deal with in the first game, this game now introduces designs that are slightly more human, which is incredibly off-putting.
    Finally, their lore. Charlotte Emily deserved so much better.

    FNAF 3: Springtrap.
    Kind of had to choose him since pickings are pretty slim in this game.
    First off, it was hilarious watching people going absolutely insane over the idea of a "golden Bonnie" when the trailer had aired.
    Secondly, the more obvious, a serial murderer possessing the metal husk of the machine that caused his demise is such a horrifying yet beautifully disgusting premise that I can't help but applaud it.

    FNAF 4: The Crying Child.
    Now, this isn't exactly an animatronic, but I found myself very attached to the poor heroine of FNAF 4.
    Just the idea of this poor little kid, trapped in such an awful and hostile environment and life, and having his life come to it's on his birthday, by his brother nonetheless, that's so devastating to think about. As well as the idea that the events of the game may or may not just be his nightmares as he's dying. Absolutely tragic. I really wish they would do more with Crying Child outside of FNAF 4

    FNAF: Sister Location: Circus Baby.
    To start with, I love clowns. Circus Baby is somewhat meant to resemble a clown, although my biggest gripe with her is how little she looks it.
    That aside, her character is incredibly unsettling.
    A robot willed together by the sole need to appease her maker, or in the case of Elizabeth, her father, that it motivates her and causes her to do awful things in his name? Love it. Absolutely love it.
    My other biggest gripe is how little she's used, especially as a villain. We need more of her that isn't just weird, creepy sexual stuff.

    FNAF: Pizzeria Simulator: Candy Cadet.

    Ok, all jokes aside: Henry Emily.
    Once again, another incredibly tragic character.
    A man betrayed by his former best friend and colleague and losing his daughter to him, which results in death of him, as well as the release of any soul that was trapped down inside fazbear entertainment's walls. The only gripe I have with him is how little there is of him, how security breach makes what he did kind of pointless, and the implications that he may not have been a good father, specifically to Sammy (Charlie's twin brother in the books)

    FNAF: Security Breach/Ruin:
    Now, honestly, I get stuck here because truly, I have SO MANY favorites here, so I'll just list them all!
    Starting off strong: Gregory.
    Yes, as much as people are mad at him for the ending of Ruin, I love Gregory.
    He's such a little punk and a little runt and I loved every minute of it. I just cannot get over how this kid invaded a children's pizza restaurant, got trapped, befriended one of the animatronics and absolutely obliterated the rest, and in some endings proceeded to steal the one he befriended and GTFO'd. He's a little menace to society and I love him for it. This, as well as the small bit of lore surrounding him and his involvement as to why he's here is incredibly interesting, and I hope they expand on it.

    This poor little thing. Girl went through absolute hell and back to save her best friend and got possibly betrayed/possibly fooled by a mysterious entity. This, as well as her relationship with Roxanne and how Roxanne was so much sweeter and almost protective of her makes me feel so happy

    Glamrock Freddy.
    The idea of an animatronic being friendly and even being your ally has always been an idea passed around the fandom time and time again. Freddy fulfills this in the best way.
    I absolutely adore how much of a dad he is to Gregory, as well as how much he cares about his friends. This, as well as how oddly human he is, and the fact that he even has existential questions about himself.

    Glamrock Chica.
    The girl eats garbages and talks like a valley girl. That all I can really say because that's all the games will give us. We get a crumb of Chica every game and I'm hungry for so much more.

    Sun, Moon and Eclipse.
    My absolute favorites in the entire franchise.
    First off, their designs are brilliant. I absolutely love their designs dearly. They're so ugly, yet so beautiful at the same time.
    Sun is absolutely the silliest, and I honestly feel so bad for him that he seems to be in a constant internal struggle with his other half. Speaking of his other half, Moon is one creepy mother fucker. Not everyday you look up and see a robot flying towards you. Eclipse was just absolutely adorable, and also kind of heart-breaking, and I hope we get more of him.

    Now, unfortunately, I can't say I exactly like Vanny in entirety. However, I do love her potential.
    I like the idea of Afton keeping himself alive via using people to carry on his work, although I feel it could've been done a little better. It's so irritating how Vanny was slapped on basically every trailer, advertisement, and anything else they could get her on, yet her screen time in the actual game was so limited, if you ever got to see her at all outside of scripted events.

  39. Mine would be:
    Fnaf 1: Freddy. I think his design is just so iconic and creepy especially when heโ€™s in shadows, I love his jumpscare in the office more than the lights out one and his gameplay to me is the most scary of the bunch slowly crewing closer with no way to stop him only a way to slow him down a bit.
    Fnaf 2: the puppet. While not seen much in gameplay unless released, the puppet to me has so much interesting lore and a really creepy doll style design setting it apart from the others and having to keep that music box wound up is a constant stress in fnaf 2, in fact without the puppet fnaf 2 would be a much easier game to manage.
    Fnaf 3: springtrap same reasons as you said.
    Fnaf 4: nightmare fredbear. So while I like nightmare I think the jumpscare isnโ€™t that good. But the nightmare fredbear one is terrifying, him laughing is so creepy and the fact he has that stomach mouth really makes him feel monstrous compared to all the others.
    Sister location: Funtime Freddy. So Freddy was my favourite fnaf 1 design and with Funtime Freddy having a really fun voice thatโ€™s funny but creepy too and having a talking bonnie hand puppet was such a great design to me I love him and I like that heโ€™s slowly become more important as the series has continued.
    Pizzeria simulator: molten Freddy. Same as withered Freddy I love this guys voice but also this design is so creepy being all wires and barely resembling a normal animatronic. His connection to the blob is really unique too and I really love how the intelligence of the fun times has become more predatory and animalistic now that heโ€™s been destroyed so much. Honestly a very underrated animatronic in my eyes.
    Help wanted: glitchtrap (also my favourite afton deign for all the same reasons you brought up)
    And finally security breach: I love them all but while monty is a close second for his amazing design and monstrous personality, glamrock Freddy is the star for me because heโ€™s not scary. Heโ€™s friendly and the one comfort in the game and the fact that itโ€™s startling when burntrap can corrupt him or his appearance in ruin really sells him as a great character to me. Heโ€™s my favourite animatronic in the series for how likeable they really made this animatronic and how much he wants to just help others. I just hope someday we get a good happy end for him

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