My Dad Came In While I Was Playing A FNaF Game -

My Dad Came In While I Was Playing A FNaF Game

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Sometimes funny things like this happen (especially with your dad) and in those moments sometimes you just gotta enjoy them and get a good laugh in. I thought this was especially funny and I hope you did too! This game was a new FNaF 2 fan game centered around the free roam ability and was amazing to play. If you guys wanna see a part 2 to this let me know and as always, peace.

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Comment what I should play next!

Yes, the outro was kinda inspired by Markiplier. Sort of. Little bit? The outro was inspired by Markiplier.

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  1. Thank you all for the kind word about my father ❤

  2. Omg that was so funny- Actually spat out my water everywhere 🚶💀💥🥸🎉😏🥹♿️🚭⚠️❌✡️

  3. Bro Your dad is awesome, I thought bro would get scared!

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