Markiplier talks about the worst fnaf games (view pinned comment) -

Markiplier talks about the worst fnaf games (view pinned comment)

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  1. The “and so are you” got me. That one feels good

  2. Just slap ships right there and I would float to the light above the clouds

  3. It's time to disagree with you, insult you, and possibly insult your mother/carer.

  4. If people didn’t harass them to finish the game plus deadline security breach would of turned out so much better still liked the idea of the game tho

  5. You know what ruined security breach. Exploited ans speed runners. If we could have just played the game normally we could have actually seen some brilliance.

  6. I kinda liked Fnaf world I don't know what the hubbub was about.

  7. The title: “check pinned comment”
    The pinned comment:

  8. I got offended when you pointed out that fnaf world is bad I know its just a fun little rpg game Scott did for sister location but its very fun and I still play it over and over again because it doesn't get boring to me.

  9. The third game was honestly one of my favorites because of how shit easy it is compared to the other games.

  10. All fnaf games are super good with there own maniacs which I love about the series

  11. Hey, don't be hating on FNAF 3. The storyline implications from that game at the time were huge. Good times.

  12. im sorry but i do not understand the hype around security breach,,,maybe because its so different that it doesnt feel like a fnaf game anymore. i honestly think the series shouldve stopped a long time ago

  13. Where the hell is the pinned comment man?😂

  14. fnaf world should have been the one mark hated

  15. It's hilarious that FNaF Containment Breach had only 1 night, tons of game-breaking features, and Freddy being a bitch!


    Mark had the worst time with that game…

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  16. Literally all of the games on this are good

  17. Basically he said bad things about some of the best fnaf games

  18. Woah where did you get this footage! It’s supposed to not exist!

  19. I love security breach it’s my favorite

  20. I enjoyed them, I know it’s not everyone, but I liked them all

  21. This is the most cap list ever. Fnaf 3 and 4 are bangers and fnaf world is not bad for the lore at least

  22. Five nights at Freddy’s and a security beach

  23. Bro just mad he can’t run the game or afford it

  24. “I’m mainly worried about this.”
    As he directs to roxy lmfao

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