Markiplier reacts to his first jumpscare in every fnaf game -

Markiplier reacts to his first jumpscare in every fnaf game

Clyde PK
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  1. I love how the security breach one is just "whatever".

  2. He started developing jump scare immunity towards the end

  3. Markiplier in 2014: AW F**ING F*** I TRIED TO PUSH IT
    markiplier in 2021: uhh oh hi

  4. I like how he still got scared up until help wanted
    Then he played security breach

  5. So the first night is never ussually that bad in any of the games so ill play throu…….

  6. I never got freaked out by this sort of horror or anything generally disturbing because I played black ops 1 and silent hill at the age of 6. Dead bodies, gore, and forcing people to eat glass against their own will became normal to me which probably fucked me up in the long run.

  7. You can see his jumpscare tolerance advance throughout each game besides help wanted. He got used to it at security breach

  8. The first fnaf jump scare with Foxy will always bring back memories of watching YouTube on a computer in my dad’s classroom while waiting for him to finish work

  9. FNAF 2 and 3 have the most brutal jumpscares in FNAF history

  10. Sorry but where is him reacting to it?

  11. Marks hairline has improved a lot over the years

  12. When I first played fnaf, I had the door shut to block bonnie, he was there for a while so I forgot it was shut, when foxy ran down the corridor I panicked and clicked the button and proceeded to let foxy in 😑

  13. This isn’t a reaction 😂 it’s just shows how much it doesn’t really jumpscare him

  14. Title is deceiving. Mark isn’t reacting to his jumpscares; you’ve just compiled the jumpscares themselves.

  15. a lot of them have this one thing in common: AAAADGFFGFUCK

  16. After all the tears (and years) he's finally numb enough to say hello

  17. The 4th was my favorite it was the funniest

  18. Control the cameras with oculus. I guess thats how they got the idea of fnaf help wanted vr.

  19. "The first night isn't usually that bad"
    Famous last words

  20. Phantom bb:Jumpscares you
    Markiplier:"HOW AM I ALIVE!!!!!!!!"

  21. "Never really that bad in any of the other of the games-" dead

  22. First mark: heart break
    Last mark: uh oh.. Anyway…

  23. Bro his first to last is hilarious like watch how terrified he is in the first then how chill he is in the last

  24. The fnaf 4 one was just too perfect with the timing

  25. This made me nostalgic, Marks old screams and bombastic reactions are so iconic

  26. My first security breach jumpscare was chica too, then I was in an endless cycle of monty jumpscares after and during the first security office. I haven't played in a while because I got upset that I couldn't find the exit and monty jumpscared me when leaving so I had to do it all again because I forgot to save.

  27. All fnaf jumpscares was for him scary outside fnafsb

  28. Fnaf 1 – 4 AAAAAAHHHHHH
    Fnaf SB – oh hello

  29. There's something poetic that after 2, Chica was the one to get Mark the most lol 😂

  30. (talking to myself)MARK! Your first jumpscare in sister location was bittybab?!?!

  31. Help Wanted is still my favorite series for FNAF, since VR brings out all of Mark's primal terror.

  32. The fact that SB is the only one that is meant to be scary, but doesn’t scare him really goes to show how that game is the least scary in the series, and if I’m being honest one of if not the least scary horror game I have ever played.

  33. 》☆𝙲𝚑𝚕𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚜 𝙿𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚜!☆《 says:

    "The first night is never usually that bad in any of the games so I'll play through-"
    * record scratch, freeze frame *
    You see that mans there? Yeah, that mans is me. I bet you're wondering how I got into this situation. Well it all started in the summer of 87

  34. you can see that fnaf actually got from scaring the skeleton out of you to just being downright annoying

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