Markiplier Fnaf Fan-Games Jumpscares Montage -

Markiplier Fnaf Fan-Games Jumpscares Montage

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In celebration for sister location coming out next month i made this massive montage of markiplier being destroyed by fnaf fan-games enjoy


  1. Who Dares me to play five Nights at Freddy’s I have the game on my Phone

  2. Hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Watching gameplay of the 2014 treasure island after the 2020 verison came out just feels weird as hell

  4. As a kid that plays FNaF without getting scared, i can confirm Markiplier is a scared cat

  5. I know right ? Even beat the game at all like why can't you just make it tonight 6:00 and beat it

  6. I love how he screams in tjoc:r when a animatronic is running behind him

  7. Tanner The Five Nights At Freddy’s And SSBU Fan says:

    1:54 mark didn’t know what to do.
    1:57 so he died

  8. My friends you boy okay nice in fnaf meme😂😂😂

  9. 9:52 scared the shit out off me when I first watched this video

  10. When reacting to jumpscares
    As a kid: screaming
    As a teen: 6:07

  11. 1:28 Redman: kills mark
    Redman: bruh ;-;

  12. Mickey be like : EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  13. have you thought that Vanossgaming is The Owl?

  14. Bro one night at flumpty isnt fan made BRUH

  15. Whacking games steals from the joy of creation (ignited chica and ignited foxy jumpscare)

  16. you know i kinda wanted to talk to him

  17. I love how Marki doesn't even react at Wario jumpscares.

  18. OH FUCK! oh Hi how are you? HI I DON'T KNOW THAT IS?! OH OH

  19. 0:00 mark: I kinda wanted to talk to him.
    Mickey: well sure you can! hoo-hah!

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