Markiplier first jumpscares in every FNaF -

Markiplier first jumpscares in every FNaF

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  1. Can some pls tell me which game he can play 50/20

  2. Fnaf four is honestly pretty scary even with all my lights on with my whole family in the room every time i get jumpscared i scream like a five year old.

  3. He says “fuck” in almost all jumpscares

  4. Insecurity. He literally just walks up the chica like nothing’s gonna happen.

  5. So that why animatronic first apperance was foxy because he was kiled mark

  6. He pooped is pants a lot when playing fnaf

  7. Why does markiplier cussing feel so natural for some reason tho

  8. The first night isn't really that bad in any of the games, so I'll play through—

    To "yeah, that's exactly how I expected it."

  10. Not sure how he got scared of foxy in Fnaf 1

  11. I never get enough of his "I'm alive?" after Phantom BB gets him the first time.

  12. Out of all of the games where you can be jumpscared by Chica at all, Mark's first jumpscare was Chica 42.8% of the time. So that's funny.

  13. The sister location is wrong that’s not the first jumpscare

  14. Sorry but attempting 50/20 mode in unc whit out knowing anything is really stupid I don't think he even cheaked how each animtronic works

  15. Now you just need to make the first time he got jumpscared by every animatronic.

  16. I would send anyone to hell
    If I was gotten🤬😫😵💣💥

  17. So he got jumped by a fox, a bird, a ghost child and a rotten bunny boi, another chicken, a bear and then another bear after that, a scary skinny puppet, another another bear and a bird who eats trash.
    Hm….checks out

  18. All he did was birth an aids bb

    The color family set next to me does that everytime


  20. I’m not subbing since you threatened me😡

  21. so ill play thou-markiplier's last words

  22. gee thanks for making the most unfitting and annoying transition in existence…

  23. His jumpscare in UCN was the controller screen

  24. "The first night is never usually that bad in any of the games so I'll play through- AAAAAAH, FUCK! WHAT THE FUUUUUCK!!!!!!!"

  25. fun fact about f freddy in sl night 2: when he says BON BON LETS SAY HI TO OUR FRIENDS expect a jumpscare

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