Making YOUR IDEAS in my FNAF game! -

Making YOUR IDEAS in my FNAF game!

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Welcome to our channel, where creative collaboration is at its core! In this exciting episode of “Collaborative Creations,” we dive into the eerie world of Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) game development. Get ready to witness the magic as we bring our talented viewers’ imaginative FNAF concepts to life!

Are you an avid FNAF fan with a wild idea for a new animatronic or a chilling backstory? Look no further! Then, I’m here to turn YOUR ideas into a virtual reality. I believe in the power of community, so I’ve scoured through all the amazing suggestions you’ve shared with us, picking out the most incredible ones to showcase in this video.

Join us on this incredible journey as we meticulously craft and code your beloved FNAF characters and stories. Witness the painstaking process of brainstorming, designing, modeling, and animating these terrifying animatronics right before your eyes. I leave no stone unturned as we ensure every intricate detail aligns with the essence of FNAF’s spine-chilling universe. From refining concepts to implementing gameplay mechanics, I’ll take you through every step necessary to bring a FNAF game to life. Even if you’re not a game developer yourself, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the magic behind your favorite virtual horror experience.

So buckle up and prepare for a spine-tingling adventure that transcends the limitations of the screen. Immerse yourself in the collaborative spirit that fuels our channel and witness your dreams of a FNAF game come true! Remember, your ideas have the power to inspire millions! Stay tuned for a thrilling journey that will leave you awestruck. Get ready to experience the ultimate combination of strategy and action in gain ground game online! Build your army, plan your moves, and crush your enemies in this epic online multiplayer game. Play now and show the world what you’re made of!

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  1. If you add endless mode, you should add some sort of currency you get if you get far into the night in endless. the currency can allow you to customize the animatronics and office.

  2. Idea: Give different flavors to the chips as an Easter egg

  3. Can't wait to play it and congratulations on 4k subscribers within 2 weeks!

    I also got some suggestions.
    1: The power beans are a good idea, but it looks uh, bad? (when it is just stuck on your screen) 🙁
    Maybe you could make them spawn on the floor or table (Not on your screen) and have a lightning symbol on them?
    2: Also, the door was jumping up and down (Probably a bug) at 4:46 .
    3: The Menu buttons and the Mask and Cameras buttons are very bland, maybe add some detail?????
    4: I think a little fog on the floor will add more dark ambience to the game.
    6: The "WAS THAT THE BITE OF '87?" should play after Freddy Fuzzbear kills you.
    And I think that is all for now.

  4. Good videos can you make more edible food?

  5. well i have the best idea ever why don't you add a mode where you walk around to clean the place before you start the security mode and the more you clean the more money to buy power ups and stuff for your office and have a generator or more power and to stay longer in the endless mode but when you beat endless mode like it will take 30 minutes to finish endless mode but then add endless mode + thats longer and then when you complete it you can have trophies in your office and free walk mode and the gallery to look at the models and minigames in between shifts please add this or some of thisi wrote this in one hour to think and you add them hopefullly so add something in the list of ideas

  6. Could you add a secret animatronic (ex: Golden Freddy) I think it would be cool.

  7. Dude this game looks good already you definitely need to add more animatronics and a new map for the endless mode!

  8. Make chica say “PIZZAAAA” in her jumpscare i beg

  9. You should add a bean character that is scared off by a gun.
    Also make power last longer.

  10. make fuzzbear dance on one of the camera when the power gets to low pls see my comment

  11. Make chica say pizza when she jump-scare you please

  12. Idea: maybe you could make a secret character like golden Freddy that has a rare chance of spawning

  13. Idea if you feed Fazbear chips he won't jump scare you

  14. a dumb idea i have it is stuff you can do in custom night to get more animtroincs and a idea like 1 in 100 for the mask to stop fuzbear and get 50 power if it happens also night 5 could be like the animtroincs are replaced with new ones or add new ones and it's harder to beat

  15. can you add witherd bonnie toilet

  16. My suggestions
    1 add extra characters unlocked by clicking secret posters
    The posters would be just images of those characters and sometimes it will replace an existing poster ( usually the same poster but what replaces it changes )
    And by clicking it it would spawn a character that if you survive the night you can unlock in custom night
    1.5 these are characters I think should be added but that’s just me
    A big power bean ( which would act like Freddy chica and Bonnie do
    DJ music man ( who would be like the puppet or a fan game character so either wind a music box or try not to make noise he would be either In a new giant room behind you or outside )
    Spring Bonnie ( not springtrap spring Bonnie ) who would act like golden Freddy but with a twist
    Instead of popping up in the office and killing you if you don’t use the mask or cameras he shows up in a vent and will effect another feature Air flow (sure there’s two giant vents and a door but still ) 
    the way to get rid of spring Bonnie is to flash the light in that vent ( repeatedly )
    2 features
    I already listed some that go with the characters
    Either a music box or noise meter
    air flow
    But here’s one more
    This would make fuzzbear more of a threat where you could recharge power ( sure there’s power beans but this gives more power but it’s risky ) but staring at the camera with fuzzbear drains your stamina ( same with spring Bonnie or leaving the door closed for a long time )

    This is probably a bit complex I just lost ideas and hope something is seen

  17. Here is a'n Idea for the Game: Add a Sleeping Character, of youre choice, where there is a Noice calming Box (like Puppet with the Music Box) and if you are too loud, you will have to reset the Camera System, which can take 5-10 Seconds, depending on the Night

  18. Idea: use the chips like a reloading bar for another enemy, if you ran out of chips it jumpscares you or dran all the power something similar to ballon boy in fnaf2 but whit chips

    Pd: sorry for my bad english btw…

  19. You finally got the boost you needed!!! Good luck on your journey!!!

  20. Idea: make a witherd anamictronics at the kids Crove

  21. Idea: make a gun that uses lots of power but stuns animatronics for a bit

  22. IDEAS
    Rename the game to Five Nights with Fuzzbear and Friends it would be better!
    Make a mechanic were Golden Freddy can appear instead of Fuzzbear
    sometimes ,a very limited chance!
    Make the power less fast absolutely no one would win the fast consumption (also Power Beans won't help)
    also since Fuzzbear is the main character, give a bigger mechanic to him
    (also add a poster of the sign and a honkable nose that makes a har sound)

  23. I think you should add a freddy fuzbear poster that when you press the nose it makes the boop sound

  24. add me i attack from both vents at once if you shut the door for too long and also make the power loss slower please

  25. Add the Josh Hutcherson Whistle meme somehow LOL

  26. Idea: Toy chica does a jumpscare by shaking her butt (with the usual cgi 2 spheres as a butt)

  27. Its been great watching your channel grow these past few weeks, I hope youll continue to improve

  28. idea: instead of getting killed when the power goes out, make it so you are able to move in the pizzaplace, and have to attempt to run away from all of the animatronics including fuzzbear, also a hunger meter for the potato chips would alos be cool AAAA

  29. Ad a hunger bar so when you eat the chips it fills back up

  30. Idea 1: make fuzzbear jump up and down while moving kinda like its bunny hopping. idea 2: add secret animatronics which is a shadow fuzzbear that replaces fuzzbear and make him a 1/1000 chance

  31. Idea:Add a meme version of the puppet.Puppet will run down the hall if you do not wind the music box. Puppet's jumpscare will be it dancing in front of you.

  32. Idea: add the Withered Bonnie Toilet in the bathroom camera but you can only vaguely see it and if you don’t wind it’s music box it sh**’s itself into your office and kills you.

  33. Idea here (try to add a realistic look on cameras and the game)

  34. Idea: An animatronic that can crawl on the ceiling that will enter your office, to get it to go away, let it in, and once it’s inside your office, stare at it to make it leave

  35. Idea: add golden fuzzbear in the game and make it so it spawns in your office when a random poster changes to golden fuzzbear, if it spawns if the office you need to use freddy mask, if golden fuzzbear's head is in the hallway you need to shine your flashlight.

  36. put a saul goodman as a easter egg in the game and how to get the easter egg have him show up on one of the posters in the camera and have him apier in your office and when he is in the office he will give you a 5 second pose on your power

  37. lemme play i pull up to ur house with a fuzzbear

  38. This is a great game! But may I suggest the idea of having fuzzbear slowly breaking the cage and you have to try and stop him? Like puppet!

  39. you forgot the best feature, add the freddy honk for fuzzbear!!!

  40. You should probably and golden Freddy and a golden fuzzbear and maybe you can make your original animatronic

  41. make more animatronics (like golde or shadow)

  42. Idea;try make the power slower like in fnaf 1 and than use the tadc Freddy fuzzbear for the menu

  43. Guys, I already know Freddy Fuzzbear isn't actually named Fuzzbear 😭😭

    Also if this video gets 1k likes, I'll definitely make a a part 3 😅 (The first one had over 5.5k!!)

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