Making a FNaF Arcade Game -

Making a FNaF Arcade Game

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This video was a journey, a long and difficult adventure. Getting a taste of challenge like this has changed me, and I have a feeling that I’ll be chasing more lofty goals like this in the near future. Let’s make the most of life, and live every dream we’ve had!
Support the other creators who’ve blessed this project!
Trevor, for building the cabinet and being the push I needed:
Neku, for matching my excitement in this project and giving it their all:
Dawko, for playing my game and recognizing my passion:
Chris, for creating beautiful music and sharing it with us silly Youtubers:
Shaun, for giving us code noobs something to build off of:
Scott Cawthon, for inspiring all of us fans with your wacky horror games that happened to change our lives!
And more thanks to my beloved friends and family, my fans whom I adore, passerby’s who decide to play my little game, and you who’s reading this 🙂 Thank you!

Music used:
Black Bird PC98 Explorers
Vampire Killer – Neku
FNaF World – Boiling Point
Corpse Party Theme – Neku
Mikos Da Gawd – Witness
Bad Snacks – Take it Easy
Chris Doerksen – Hypno
Chris Doerksen – Return Journey
Welcome to Freddy’s Madame Macabre – Bitemark Remix
Audio Hertz – World Wor Outerspace
Mary’s Theme Ib – Neku
Chris Doerksen – Something’s Off
Animal Crossing – 7PM
Animal Crossing – 2PM
Geographer – After All
Kevin Macleod – Amazing Plan
Buster Cluster – Tengu Remix
Hexalyte – Wandering Houirs
Super Mario World Castle – Neku
Gerudo Valley – Neku
Unnamed Mechanism Tracks – Neku
Chris Doerksen – Here We Go


  1. I remember 8-BitRyan playing this I had no idea you made this, really fantastic to see the origins of this game.

  2. The queen of the fnaf art should’ve made an extras menu where you can see how she made the game but you can also play the other pixel games from FNAF

  3. you go in to secret and take 2 YEARS to make a game… nois


  5. you sure the bear you saw while jogging wasn't an hallucination?

  6. Yay! I love your content! The game looks so good! Im gonna try it out lol.

  7. your back?! you were my favorite YouTuber a few years ago when I was little. I had a different channel and I was subscribed.

  8. this 1 hour video take 2 year to make, Nice

  9. you did so good! wow! i wish i was a player playing this game!

  10. Wow thats why you were gone Im glad your back🎉❤😂❤😂❤

  11. I'm only 20 minutes in and this video and the process of making an ACTUAL video game is soooo cool!!! I was thinking: "Wow! The art is already so amazing!" "I cant wait to see the finished product!"

  12. Micro center sells everything you need to build an arcade cabinet…but at a double premium. Probably to rip off aspiring classics game cabinet enthusiasts.

  13. Honestly if I did this I’d probably just port SB: Fury’s Rage.

  14. somewhere through the game-making section of the video, i almost completely forgot that it was for an arcade game, lol!!!

  15. You are the whole reason october is my favorite month.

  16. Andie we feel you we want to let you know that if your having a burn out tell us we will under stand and those who say oh just make do it don't take a break don't deserve your love and care you put into your channel

  17. Conspiracy theory: To shoot gear, press shift. So, therefore, Shift to Gear, or you could say Shift Gear, which is a Pokémon move. Andiematronic plays Pokémon confirmed??!?!?!!????

  18. If you did this in Assembly, it would take you well over a decade due to the games immense size.

  19. It’s been so long…. Welcome back

  20. Where is the game that I can download?

  21. i come from 6:35 point of the video, so hello comments! I just wanted to see if I could try and predict my answer while having it archived here. This better be Freddy in space!

  22. I would love a mod that makes it a bit better
    And makes it less bs’ey
    But the game is absolutely GREAT
    And the fact they made a game like this in the first place Is FASCINATING

  23. I quite literally can’t get past level three

  24. I remember always watching you, i remember you dissapearing for about 2 years or so. I remember this coming out. I just now decided to leave a comment. I always loved your videos. I am so happy that you have posted after so long. Welcome back.

  25. did you here eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sound when you saw the bear

  26. If there was a code police mine would be the worst. Ok for example ill have #dont try (something ive tried) its gonna be worse you tired it 5 times duma** (btw # removes the function of the code after it)

  27. This reminds me a lot about the documentary on the game Fez. This was amazing. Congrats!

  28. gamemaker is awesome honestly, i had to make my own game for school and got an A for my final I.T grade as a result :3


  29. DA EFFORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hats down for you!

  30. I love this idea you have given me to make a game on scratch about a Fnaf arcade game I love this channel I made a new account and thought you gave up but when I searched you up again I saw you uploaded you've been such an inspiration to me I love you and your stuff i wish I could meet you someday

  31. Thanks for inspiring me to do a Nintendo entertainment system game

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