main antagonist from each fnaf game #fnafedit #fnaf #fypシ -

main antagonist from each fnaf game #fnafedit #fnaf #fypシ

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  1. mangle is actually Toy foxy just built the wrong way (pls no steal)

  2. this would of been correct while also hilarious if you just made all of them "william afton"

  3. Is this like the leader of every each fnaf game

  4. Credits: synico
    Song: my ordinary life
    By: the living tombstone

  5. Actually in FNAF1, it’s technically Afton who created them. Afton is Springtrap and Scraptrap, Nightmare for FNAF4 and I don’t know about FNAF2 or FNAF5.

  6. Fnaf 2 is marrionet and fnaf 4 is nightmare

  7. In ultimate custom night, Afton was in hell so Cassidy in this Case not William Apple-ton

  8. FNAF1 William Afton
    FNAF2 Mangle
    FNAF3 Springtrap
    FNAF4 Fredbear
    FNAFSL Ennard
    FNAFPS Scraptrap
    FNAFUCN Cassidy
    FNAFSB Vanny
    FNAFHW Glitchtrap
    Or at least that's what I think

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