Lego FNAF - All Jumpscares (V1.4 Complete) -

Lego FNAF – All Jumpscares (V1.4 Complete)

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LEGO Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 all jumpscares based on V1.4

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  1. id buy fnaf just to play this but unfortunetly,OH SHIT!your pc isnt compatible with steam ram drain go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. If you look closely in melted Freddy's eyes you can see a humans eyes with X on them

  3. ахахах, лол, столкновение этих персов было смешным и Фредди в темноте интересно

  4. Hey wait a minute why is there a Chuck E. Cheese

  5. I love that the jumpscares with both Bonnie and Chica and Bonnie gets knocked over XD

  6. I’m kinda sad that they didn’t add a Bonnie and chica jumpscare

  7. The attention to the pieces in this game is astonishing. I really like how they made different jumpscares depend on what animatronics are currently at your location. Like the way Foxy kicks Bonnie from the way or how both Chica and Bonnie bump into each-other.

  8. I like the attention to detail of what happens when Chica or Foxy jumpscare you while Bonnie is attacking

  9. I love how Foxy's running noise is just tic tic tic tic

  10. I love the lego commody in some of these jumpscares.

  11. Y'know, this makes me wonder, in the original game, if chica and bonnie both make it into the room, whose jumpscare gets priority?

  12. Why the frick is avenger chuck in a place before 1997

  13. Think it would be even funnier if Freddy were to walk through the doorway to jump scare you when your power runs out and he’s at the right hallway

  14. Is this a real game? Didn't know lego did the fnaf series, anyway hearing foxy run down the hallway is hilarious.

  15. 0:32
    Foxy: "LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"
    Bonnie being pushed: "Why are we still here? Just to suffer?"


  17. I have a question: do you think the masochist trophy is worth it?

  18. Foxy is basically saying get out the way to bonnie

  19. 0:00 Both:GOTC- OW!
    Bonnie:chica why did you need to attack before me?

  20. Chica be like: Bonnie are you kidding me

  21. I love how foxy just bust down the door because it’s Lego so it’s pretty easy to Bust in

  22. I love the way lego chica and bonnie interact in the dual jumpscare

  23. I like how bonnie was just minding his own business waiting at the door
    And then foxy comes out of no where and just pushes him on the office floor

  24. i know this is fanmade Lego games but it looks like it's made by Lego itself

  25. just listen to foxy running down the hall
    its just so perfect anyway this just makes the fnaf less scary

  26. Bonnie: Staring at the night guard

    Foxy and Chica: And I took that personally

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