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(Five Nights at Freddy’s is rated T for Teen and therefore is intended for audiences 13 years or older.)

Information on the upcoming FNAF game, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2020, has been LEAKED by Funko!!

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  1. ASST is Assortment and 6PC means 6 pieces so an assortment of 6 plushes will be released. And MM is the mystery minis which is why its 12PC


  3. The asst: funko plush is a new wave of plushies, digging through amazon we have 5 new plushies coming out; Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, Montgomery, Roxanne, and vanny. MM means mystery minis. Nice video! Can’t wait for this game!

  4. I think it says pop games on the cut off the letters. They're gonna make funko pops of it.

  5. Cool I cant wait for this….MORE MERCHANDISE

    Also:If you go into fnaf ar….I sent you a 1,000 remnant filled toy bonnie…..my name is FuntimeFrenzy ingame…I hope you enjoy the gift

  6. Could Roxanne be the wolf from the Freddy in Space 2 teaser? That's the only other wolf that ever showed up in any of the games. (Other than the wolf from the book)

  7. The cut off name is from a new game: Ghosts of Tsushima

  8. Maybe the game will be like sl or even better

    Also i like to call it "fnaf help wanted 2"

  9. In my opinion the gameplay of this game will be similar to SL, however alternating with normal sessions of "The Office".
    And honestly (I don't know why, it's just something I think) there won't be 8 bit minigames in my opinion.
    And finally, the game in my opinion will come out either in June, or in August.
    Have a good day 😉
    P.s im Italian (and 15), i Hope my english Is decent.

  10. My hopes for this game is like a freeroam/ sister location game play with some traditional fnaf1 game play idk all I know is this game has a lot of potential

  11. H Y P E I N T E N S I F I E S, O L D S P O R T

  12. Imagine having to walk around the mall at night as the gameplay for this.

  13. Alright, I'm explain my theories for this game. First off, Pizzaplex. That's gotta be the name of the mall, FNAF Pizzaplex just doesn't really roll of the tongue like the others, Scott would know that. You know what the characters look like so I'll skip that for now. Now the actual merchandise itself: Action Figures for all the Main Crew, A Plushie and (MM) stands for Mystery Mini. It's one of Funko's Lines. Now I don't know about the Code at the end, it almost looks like a postcode. Now since it doesn't actually tell us who the plushie is dedicated to I'm half inclined to believe that it will be a plush of the Pizzaplex building itself, like what they did with the exotic butter plush from a while ago. Now for gameplay, since this is taking place in such a large location we can guess that we are more than just the watchman for the Freddy Fazbear's location, we are guarding the mall. I like the idea of seeing Montgomery going into a vent entrance in the Lazar Tag. Now… now for Vannie, this is gonna be a deep ass theory but here we go. Vanny's conversation with Glitchtrap in the source code is asking 'Have you chosen one' I can only assume that they mean a new person to turn to them. So I think they have chosen the nightwatchmen of this mall, the game will be defending against the animatronics AND avoiding Vanny. I can think of two outcomes, True ending where Vanny makes you become another Glitchtrap follower and Fake ending where you escape, sure it could be the opposite way round with a Good and Bad ending but yeah. Oh yeah spoilers btw

  14. Wait a minute theres a character which is a wolf wasnt there a wolf character in the twisted ones book and also this is a mall wasnt the whole freddy restaurant built around and replaced with a mall in the fnaf books 🤔

  15. I cant even imagine what this could be about, im so hyped and excited for this game, hopefully a teaser or SOMETHING comes later next month.. new book, game, figures plushies mystery minis, so much! ❤

  16. Funko did the same thing with Sister Location. Well that's interesting…

  17. My little brother doesn’t believe it, but I do.

  18. people have speculated, and I agree, that this new "Roxanne Wolf" could be at the very least BASED on the female wolf from the Freddy in Space 2 promo image Scott posted a while back
    originally I thought that might have just been a take on "Tangle" from FNAF World (one of the enemies who is a green and purple Mangle) but perhaps not

    also….swapping Foxy out for Roxy is a pretty sweet name change ngl

  19. Maybe Steel Wool and Funko are going to be stopped until COVID-19 is over

  20. ASST: assorted
    6PC: 6 pieces
    MM: Mystery Minis
    12PC: 12 pieces

  21. Well one thing is for certain:
    There are going to be voice lines or voice acting.

  22. I’m so exited for this Scott makes great games

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