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Kushala Daora and Iron Valiant react to SMG4 FNAF Games Be Like…

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In this video Iron Valiant gets to react to another video but this time he isn’t alone he is with the Steely Storm aka the Wind Elder Dragon Kushala Daora and it’s a way for them to get along since Iron Valiant worships Kushala with all his heart but Iron Valiant has never heard of FNAF so this will be a new experience for him that is until he remembers who he is from the future but for now enjoy the reaction video and credits to SMG4 for this amazing video. Ps This Is An AU where Charon died at the hands of Ravenbeak and was reborn as the Iron Valiant in the future except he is no longer looking like a dead Male Gardevoir now I just needed to tell you that it involves a AU.


  1. A Ecology cutscene for one of my own elder Pokémon I made for my fakemon series that I will continue anyways I shall start itFrom the top of a icy mountain a foolish hunter sets foot not knowing what threats lie ahead…But little does the hunter know it is the one being hunted…The Elder of this land has been waiting for just the chance to attack and now the time has come…As fast as moonlight it moves at incredible speeds that no one can see and once it reaches its target…It shall show the intruder why it is king of this mountain… No matter what you do or where you run I shall find you and when I do it will all be over because no one escapes my frigid abilities and leaves unscathed…Unholy Beast of the Frost Blizzarhound…

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