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KBH Games FNAF 16 #shorts

KBH Games
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  1. Hello sir everything I’m bleaching my eyeball

  2. Plot twist : you noticed it was called "FNAF heat"

  3. When was fnaf 16 made we just got security breach

  4. Funtime foxy: uwu
    Chica: rawr
    End: N I G E R S

  5. Hahaahahahahahahaha lol

  6. AugjhhHAjjsnakajdbanm….. Way worse than me throwing up 10000 times

  7. pov:your a seven year old girl making the audio

  8. 😚😚😚😚🥰🥰🦊💗🐣🐻🖤

  9. Guys? Should I call in the tanks and the paratroopers?

  10. I have fnaf4 in my sony and my cousin screams from freddy🤣

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