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JR’s FNaF Fan-Game Full Walkthrough Night 1-6 + Extras

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00:00 – Night 1
06:05 – Night 2
12:36 – Night 3
22:03 – Night 4
31:00 – Night 5
38:34 – Night 6
54:30 – Ending
01:00:00 – Extras


  1. 10/10. I have been a fnaf fan for years, and now this is one of the best fnaf fan games in my opinion.

  2. God the sound design in this game man
    Like the original games used an silent, but mysteriously eerie music and sound effect
    But the music in this game (especially in the last part) just offers music that just screams eeriness (idk really know how to describe it but that’s the best i could do for now)

    Edit: found a word for best describing this game’s music

  3. I really like the last bit during the last night. The game forces the Convery Belt Control in front of you…you watch each icon go down the line towards the 'beware the Mangle' sticky note. Along with other parts. Then Mangles icon appears at 100%. The words engage flash upon the screen as her titular static starts to be heard. Its some damn good build up. And Mangle herself is fucking huge!

  4. At first I thought the gameplay seemed boring watching the cams and hoping you find the correct animatronic the ghost is in but after watching this it’s a lot more fun than it seems because YOUTUBERS AREN’T SCREAMING THEIR BUTTS OFF

  5. (When the YouTube-Sister and YouTube-Haters telling Glamrock if he has Maddy's profile but her profile is…erased. Even Addy's too, after the argument during YouTube-Awards. Meanwhile, Flippy, Cuddles, Giggles, Flaky and Russell went at BF's house for a sleepover after hearing Linda and the others' news. As the clock hits 12 AM, five tree-friends were fell into deep-sleep and began to dream…) (0:00)

  6. I like how mangle is rather a spider than rather a vined twisted parta in fnaf 2 she is even larger than a basic room

  7. ngl I'm get scared of The ghost form the TV screen

  8. I like the FNAF 2 trailer music remix for the 6th night

  9. I think
    The night guard is Michael Afton. From after the FNaF 6 fire

  10. The audio cues and soundtrack for this game are just phenomenal; it really adds a level of dread not present in the actual FNAF games.

  11. ok how does this guy know what animatronic is possessed without even looking at the camera

  12. the website seems really sketchy is this the right download link??

  13. Imagine if Saitama starts working here 🤔😂😂

  14. Tbh this isnt how they explained the game would be, even during the tutourial, they showed that when a robot was posessed their head would be glitchy and whatnot, yet its not.

  15. is me or 40:00 night 6 the songtrack is the trailer of Fnaf 2??

  16. Feel like Zak Bagans with all the green night vision and SLS camera lookin stuff

  17. he may win, i will turn the volume to the max!

    also second 45:41:

  18. i absolutely enjoy this game and also apprecitate the effort you had placed in this videos to not get anything wrong despite numerous number on tries

  19. please tell me I'm not the only one thinking that they all look like rats at 1:01:15 like omg🥲

  20. Is anyone else watching this because they couldn't get the game working on their PC?

  21. Amigo,te quiero mucho tu gameplay esta super GOD te admiro ,me gusto

  22. El investigador se da cuenta que está en the barbens y después se encuentra con paulbear

  23. Marc's Arcade game repairs and service. says:

    11:51 what's the name of this soundtrack?

  24. Has anyone noticed that in night 6 the scenery looks like fnaf 2 and putting on the mask when an animatronic arrives.

  25. I love how this was all based on the mini game secret and uses the music for the credits 🙂

  26. When an animatronic come in your room at night 6 camera auto close
    It new update

  27. ys i keep stuck at the red thing at the start of the night 1 what sould i do?

  28. I would immediately quit I soon as I saw one of the animatronics lol

  29. Fnaf owner: why the heck copy me and make the fnaf 1 so ugly and the fnaf 2 one's

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