Jollibee's Full playthrough Nights 1-5, Endings, and Extras + No Deaths! (No Commentary) -

Jollibee’s Full playthrough Nights 1-5, Endings, and Extras + No Deaths! (No Commentary)

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My full no commentary playthrough and walkthrough of Jollibee’s.
This playthrough is all nights in one take with zero deaths.
It also includes all endings and extras if the game has them.
This is meant to feel cinematic without the commentary and should feel like either a movie, or you actually being there.

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  1. 53:48 Can someone explain this part to me please.

  2. The fact that one of the ads is taste the cock

  3. I'm just asking what animatronic is the one to always move the first

  4. This was genuinely well-made, its sad not alot of ppl appreciated it

  5. Things to note:
    1. Real Jollibee restaurants do not look like what is shown here
    2. Jollibee does not use animatronics, and the mascots are only present during a birthday party
    3. I believe some (if not all) Jollibee restaurants are open 24/7
    4. Jollibee restaurants are well-ventilated

  6. Man I really miss this game, it was really fun playing it and see other people’s reactions to it, but it’s gone now but at least we had fun getting all these jump scares and completing all these nights.

  7. I used to watch your videos and I miss the old times 😢

  8. In the real jollibee they wear costume not animatronic

  9. Thank God Jollibee uses mascots instead of robotic stuff. And it is cheaper to get mascots than robot suits or anything so thank God for that

  10. so uhhh Jolibee is in my country (I'm filipino)

  11. I am happy I found a download for this game and snagged it it’s a great fan game too bad it’s really hard to play it now as you have to dig to find a download for it

  12. This is the best fnaf fan game ever to bad it got banned

  13. Yes finally a game related to filipinos favorite fast food place JOLLIBEE

  14. Jollibee is in The Philippines🇵🇭

  15. Jollibee is a restaurant that originated from Manila, Philippines. It’s a good fast food restaurant and is the most recognizable fast food restaurant in our country. In JOLLIBEE, we do not have animatronics. It’s just mascots that represent the food that is in the restaurant. And I always knew that JOLLIBEE had a horror game somewhere out there, and it was true. Good job, IvanG.

    (I’m a filipino)

  16. This would've been a really good game if the dev wasn't given a cease and desist.

  17. The leaks at the beginning look like popee the performer OST

  18. Hey random animatronic bee, your food is delicious

  19. Worlds brightest flash light joined in

  20. This game made me fear Philippines worldwide restaurant, jolibee. Especially the mascots

  21. The part on night 1 phone call, the " they're so advanced, thinking there's a soul inside controlling everything". Already points that the animatronics are maybe possessed by souls of the kids who got poisoned.

  22. Maybe the creator of this fan game from philippines
    Filipino: baka ang gumawa nito daga filipino

  23. 47:52
    Pause at the chicken bell advertisement
    "Taste the cock"💀💀💀💀

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