IT'S NOT A FNAF GAME | Mr. Williams's Toy Store -

IT’S NOT A FNAF GAME | Mr. Williams’s Toy Store

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A nice, creepy game about working in a toy store! Definitely nothing like Five Nights at Freddy’s.

#MrWilliams #CartoonHorror #ToyStoreHorror

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  1. hey! play venge will you know is a horror game

  2. "It's not a FNAF game"Scott Cawthon : Activate FNAF Fanverse Initiative!Edit : I would like you to play games until it's done Jay. Maybe YT Algorithm might grace you again this way due to consistent metadata and regular uploads. But it's still your channel anyway.

  3. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Aura Glue sounds like a brand of colour changing PVA.

  4. Well that was an interesting game xd
    But ay very nice gameplay yo
    I wonder will you play some games from dread x collection 1 or 2 from steam.
    –dread x collection 1 has 10 games
    From that collection I really liked games The Pony Factory, Mr Bucket Told Me and Summer Night (which was made by guy who made FAITH)
    –dread x collection 2 has 12 games from 12 indie developers and it's own playable hub from which you can navigate to each game
    One of my fav games from that collection is Squirrel Stapler which was made by guy who made DUSK

  5. Maybe there's a secret ending. Since you can only fail three times. Maybe let 2 kids who should of had a super teddy, out of the place

  6. I really liked this game. Hope you continue this.

  7. Great video!! You have to see the ending (you need to complete day 4th), because there's a big secret behind this game!

  8. Hey, thanks for playing my game! 😀

    Woah, I had so much fun watching it! ^^

    As a newbie game developer (it's my first playable game if we don't count a low-effort clicker game :P) and your video really motivate me!!!

    Thanks for every nice word, it means a lot <3
    If you will continue playing this game, here's a little tip from me:
    carefully read the ending and go back to the main menu – you have to look further.
    Okay, thanks once again! and remember…
    it's not a fnaf game! xD

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