It All Comes Down To This! | FNAF Security Breach -

It All Comes Down To This! | FNAF Security Breach

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Slowly but surely, we’re making our way towards unraveling the secrets of this game! So strap in as we fight our way through Princess Quest 1, 2, and 3 and move one step closer to uncovering the lore buried beneath the PizzaPlex.

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
3:04 – Princess Questin’
49:23 – The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! sorry I'm frustrated that matt does not go to the entry gate to do the vanny ending so he understands what happens!!

  2. I think Gregory was a kid that was kidnapped and escaped which is why Freddy can’t find him in his database

  3. the game skip is throwing you off. get the blaster and do it normally lol

  4. Does it kind off annoy the crap out of anyone that he continuously breaks the game. It's common sense that he is not supposed to jump over the barrier, and he did did it TWICE. oh my god.

  5. He forgot the 12 in the title I wonder why hmmmm. We need someone to theorize mat pats videos

  6. is it possible to collect all the decommissioned parts without putting them on freddy until you've collected them all? I wonder what that would do with time?

  7. I don’t see why he doesn’t just load a save from before he puts in the eyes so that he can pick up the stuff and save after

  8. so the ps5 version still doesnt have the vanny ending??

  9. it’s absolutely HILARIOUS that the one fnaf player that takes his time looking for the lore and wanting to get everything absolutely breaks the game and accidentally skips all the lore 🤣

  10. PRINCESS QUEST II – There's 1 red torch, 9 altogether, 8 coloured and 7 round the circle…1987…. Coincidence?

  11. only watching matpat's playthroughs of the game is great because you also only get those endings out of context

  12. I dont think he wil be able to get the "PQ3 ending" because he didn't do PQ1 and PQ2 before the save and he didn't get the option for the "Vanny ending" so the only way he will be able to get the "PQ3 ending" is by him doing PQ1 and PQ2 and then jumping over than fence again going into Vanny's room and then doing PQ3 for the ending.

  13. Seriously didn’t learn anything from glitching the game before this…..and just did it again on purpose. He complained before it didn’t make sense and they broke it so why didn’t he properly check it out before doing it again? Feels like cheating and cutting corners at this point on purpose…How are you supposed to give accurate theories when you mess up the game and leave out important parts lol

  14. Even though freddy's fast depleting energy is explained ingame, could it be that the true reason is that whatever it is why he helps Gregory, consumes large amounts of his energy. That would also explain why Freddy jumpscares you in lategame when his energy runs out.

  15. It seems that more and more arcade cabinets get purple screens (the glitch spreads?)
    Or where there always so many purple ones?

  16. Honestly I don't think mat is even reading the comments we're trying so hard to help but he seems to be clueless which is infuriating at this point idk how much more I can watch 😭

  17. Something odd that I keep thinking about is in the trailer it showed Vanessa staring down at Gregory with a scared look while he was in the glass elevator. Where is the glass elevator at? Where did that scene of the trailer take place?

  18. Every time he jumps the gate, a piece of my soul dies.

  19. Nothing is more frustrating than watching Mat literally skipping things for the sake of lore and missing ALL THE NESSECARY LORE ON THE WAY AND QUESTIONING IT

  20. I'd like to point out the Star Trek reference at 34:02 with the text saying "resistance is futile". Nice touch Scott, glad to see your a Star Trek fan.

  21. Did anyone else see that the alien bots said "this is for stewie" at 32:00

  22. obviously chica staring through a hole in the ground
    matt: is that balloon boy????

  23. this may make sense provided matpat is correct with the theory about you playing as the crying child but does anyone reckon that its possible that it may be Cassidy (as is the name of the character you play (from the game files of SB) for princess quest, your may be effectively giving the body of the security guard to Cassidy and the Freddy head in the middle of the ending may symbolise that both spirits within golden Freddy are free while somehow being united. this will likely end up being completely wrong but i want peoples opinions on this. Bear in mind I haven't necessarily bothered refreshing myself of all the lore to do with them.

  24. When you said, “this ones for Stewie” I teared up cuz my cat Stewie ran away before Christmas 😕 I needed that though. Thank you 😄

  25. The describe Vanessa ending you were supposed to go through fazeBlaster first and you would get a 3 ending

  26. I watched the video of how you think physic fredbear is a lonely Freddy what if when you are left with the green Bonnie at the end of fnaf vr it is you being possessed by glitch trap and you becoming his Bonnie doll just like the kid in the book who got possessed and became the lonely Freddy

  27. what happens if Vanessa is a robot herself because well I don't get how a glitch can take hold of a person unless it's a demon but if we're going to see if Gregory and Freddy are well robots recanted as the two brothers what happens if she is well a robot as well hacked by the afton virus

  28. i don't know how but he's managed to skip a whole part of the game with vanny and Freddy

  29. he’s playing this in the most lore-less way possible hahah

  30. So when are we gonna tell Mat that he can glitch the game to re-activate the save points again by going back to Roxy Raceway and grabbing the STAFF bot head that respawns?

  31. It's kinda frustrating seeing him skip large chunks of the game by glitching… I mean I get why in this instance, but…

    I mean Matpat is the one I wanted to see play this the most, I know what happens even with him skipping, since he's not the first person I've watched, but I genuinely want his reactions to the story events themselves. At this point I don't think we'll get to see that anymore, and it's disappointing

  32. Now that I think about it, if you compare Gregory and the crying child in FNAF 4, they look VERY similar. Brown hair, dark-colored striped shirt, shorts…also, Elizabeth had blonde hair, didn't she? Vanessa's blonde too…I think Matt was onto something with that theory at the end there.

  33. Just had an epiphany for a theory as it pertains to the best ending with Gregory, Freddy, and Vanessa on the hill. If we are believing Mat's theory that Gregory is the Crying Child rebuilt and that Freddy is infused with the spirit of Mike Afton…I found a way to make the Vanessa and Elizabeth parallel work…

    No, Vanessa is NOT Elizabeth…but ask yourself this…what if the Crying Child NEVER MET Elizabeth. What if he was too young when she was killed by Baby or wasn't even born yet? That would make the scene with Vanessa, him and Freddy on the hill make sense. She's not Elizabeth herself…but Vanessa becomes the older sister that the Crying Child never had…the one he had known existed but never got to grow up with due to her (and later, his own) untimely death. Vanessa essentially becomes the adopted older sister and probably also the parental guardian of Gregory (as we see he is homeless) and the Afton family is whole once again despite all the misdeeds of William.

    Of course, as this isn't the TRUE ending, it kinda loses some of that sentimental value but I think this is what Steel Wool intended.

  34. Mat:I'm gonna take my time and find the lore
    Also mat: you know I'm something of a speedrunner myself

  35. I’m wondering if the number of hearts collected equates to the number of glitch trap cassette taps there were

  36. Gotta say, I love the theroy videos but my god is the live gameplay bad. Never thought Matpat was this oblivious.

  37. people saying a critical part of the story would be revealed if you go to fazarblast makes me upset because how are we supposed to know that as fresh new players? that just means people who choose monty golf are missing out on key parts just because they chose a different game. idk if i completely understand what’s been going on this series lol but thats what i gathered and it’s bothering me

  38. I always assumed the reason Freddy jumpscares you once you run out of power is less him attacking you, and more him powering down with you inside of him which results in getting crushed to death. Doesn’t explain why this doesn’t happen beforehand, but ig it’s because it’s still in its tutorial phase

  39. the cold open is the matpat version of that micheal scott gif (no god please no! no! no! noooOo!)

  40. 15:00 There's 3 torches and 3 shadow torches. Your shadow moves opposite you towards the same goal. Basically, you had to make the shadow and light torches mirror each other while moving in opposite directions

    22:00 Isn't that Vanny's room? It looks similar…

  41. The fact that if he would have grabbed the blaster he would have seen Freddie get dissembled

  42. Mirror mats “sorry buddy” has me dying

  43. At the start of Princess Quest 3, where you are in the security office, isn’t that the one game in fnaf VR where there’s a vent next to you and you must prevent spring trap from getting to you?

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