Is this the scariest FNAF game ever created? -

Is this the scariest FNAF game ever created?

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Could this be the SCARIEST FNAF fan-game ever created?? You decide..

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  1. Oh hell nah i jumped out my bed to heaven

  2. Hi Ryan! Love your content so much and you a awesome person

  3. Ive never seen ryan so scared before 😂

  4. I mean if it was scary enough to literally make Ryan shut down (i feel bad for ya Ryan) than id say its pretty damn sary

  5. He gotta be out of practice because to me to this day Fredbears fright and fredbear archive are STILL two of the best AND scariest Games within the fnaf fangame concept!

  6. Hey 8bitryan I can't believe you're in the fnaf movie as the staff

  7. He needs someone to market his content on tt, ig and ofc youtube shorts to reach more peps. GREAT MOVE

  8. I knew it was coming, I watched the full video when it came out, and my soul still left my body

  9. I'm flabbergasted i didn't hear a single submersible joke during sinking iron 💀💀💀

  10. We need more of this game, Ryan stop being a wuss!

  11. yk a game is proper scary when ryan starts crying

  12. It wasn’t me, it was the game! The game killed them!!

  13. Bro FNAF jumpscares make your soul leave your fvcking body holy sh1t

  14. I never thought fnaf could get me like that bravo bravo. I play games like Dead space and watch stuff about random horror things like it's candy

  15. Dang I forgot about you until deducer mentioned you! I'm sorry! I'm still a big fan!

  16. Finish this game please or I am unsubscribing

  17. I jumped so hard when the first jumpscare happened also the headphones prob made the lego breaking sound effect when they broke

  18. Mann i hope u know what u do for people’s lives, you’ve been my favorite YouTuber for the past 4 years prolly longer but you’ve inspired me to make my own YouTube channel and start YouTube it’s always been my dream but shoutout to your channel best YouTuber on YouTube ❤

  19. I thought VR was the scariest because it actually feels like you're there so you feel like you're in danger.

  20. That sounded like Markiplier the phone guy lol haha hello everybody my name is MARKIPLIER

  21. This is the same way how I feel when I play granny

  22. Play again Yes = Giga No= No balls (I'm joking i played this and now i am in therapy)

  23. Ahahah get good ahahah from lolbit

    Sorry it was to good not too

  24. Guys, I think his headphones might've broke

  25. Play this again please bloody nights was fun

  26. Ryan just used 3 different terms for his headphones
    ‘Just broke’
    ‘Took apart’
    ‘Just deconstructed’

  27. Their faces gives me butthead and beavis vibes


  29. Are you the hottest You Tube gamer ever created?

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