IN WHAT YEAR EACH FNAF GAME HAPPENS | #fnaf #fnafedit #fivenightsatfreddys #shorts #viral #blowup -

IN WHAT YEAR EACH FNAF GAME HAPPENS | #fnaf #fnafedit #fivenightsatfreddys #shorts #viral #blowup

Polish mapper (Muszu)
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  1. Hope you enjoyed the video because it took me a while to make

  2. My favourite is fnaf 3 because phantom chica and springyrap

  3. Fnaf 3 spring trap and spring bonie fnaf 0

  4. Ultimate custom night also takes place in 2027 because William Afton died in FNAf 6 ( 2027 ) and mediately when his soul was free , Cassidy ( the vengeful spirit) dragged him into his own personal hell of endless torture

  5. Uhm then how are the old animatronics in fnaf two if it was takin place before fnaf 1

  6. I was confused until I read the title good video

  7. Love my ordinary life it’s a really good song

  8. I don't understand the year😭😭😭💀💀💀

  9. Ruin cant be too long after the security breach because gregory still has the same child voice and cassie too, it must be in a few days, months, or 1 year, as it should be extremely close to eachother

  10. Hey man i dont know how this isnt poupuler but never give up bro i believe in u +-+

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