IM IN THE FNAF MOVIE!! - FNAF Movie FINAL Trailer (Reaction + Analysis) -

IM IN THE FNAF MOVIE!! – FNAF Movie FINAL Trailer (Reaction + Analysis)

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The five nights at freddys movie trailer is finally here and its incredible! A NEW FNAF Movie trailer just dropped and it shows a closer look at Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and even someone new..

IM IN THE FNAF MOVIE!! – FNAF Movie Trailer (Reaction + Analysis)

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  1. Congrats to you and the others who are in the moive y'all have been a great for thr community, I do have to say if we don't see Markiplier or Mattpat I'll be disappointed, but great breakfown of the trailer!

    Edit* I will say that picture you point out I'm pretty sure is Abby Mike and the security guard with the four animatronics

  2. Bro made a 2min and 30 second vid 27 mins

  3. Wow! This is a collab we never thought we'd see!

  4. Im so a big fan of u i wish u met u😊

  5. I’ve been a fan of fanaf and been watching your videos for years now and I can’t wait for the movie in theaters. Love how you broke it down. Much love.
    (Imagine if it was in 3d

  6. To let you know it was spring trap not spring bonnie

  7. the guy that he was beating in the fountain is the guy who gave the job and maybe he was in the freddy/ golden freddy suit because they were together maybe they pput him inside the suit

  8. That is so cool that you got a part in the movie by the way Cory paid extra money to replace fgteev duddy

  9. The ad placement in this vid is insane: “this looks insane. CO-“ Blast off your summer with the new Zulu x shot water blaster!

  10. Fgteev was in the movie he was in the car but Cory took over fgteev😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. 26:22 i think it’s golden freddy and i’ve heard when it’s blue eye it’s just evan but that’s just a theory

  12. CORY WASN'T Supposed to be there it was fgteev at first but Cory payed Scott

  13. FgteeV was originally going to be the taxi driver but Cory offered more money

  14. You should of been the main spot. You play all the games and the fan gamez like you put in work my guy

  15. Fusion if you see this in guessing your on april

  16. I always thought Bonnie looked the most cool in the fnaf movie!😊

  17. At the scene when Bonnie and Chica are staring at you through the cameras CARL IS MISSING

  18. Im so happy we getting the movie after years as a old fnaf fan who's been here since September 2014 I am honored to be a part of a franchise bigger then the milky way when the movie comes out instead of popcorn we shall feast on pizza have a nice day!

  19. Okay so he works at the mall and then he beats somebody up gets fired then he has no job. (duh.) so he gets the security guard job things go haywire he tells Abby to leave. then she comes back to save him hence the dress change. he is strapped in the chair she laves again gets found by golden Freddy. understands what they want to do. (which is kill Afton. so he makes them were purple so they get killed.) comes back saves him? the end. while somewhere during this people break in and die. (for according to the silver eyes. there are disturbing the happy ending.) and Afton will try to kill them but gets the police women in stead but she lives (hopefully!). my theory for the movie. tell me if it is right. (or i'll tell my self.)

  20. Bro Fuzion mike cleans the place and then night 2 starts

  21. 17:34
    Maybe this is someone who will show up but younger and sneaking into the pizzeria cause u did say it looked cleaner and they girl isnt abby so my theory is that that a younger character who snuck into the place at night and either died or escaped idk who they could be maybe they're the officer but she dyed her hair blonde in the future or its a different character who isnt shown in the trailer

  22. Bonnie in the trailer:🗿😱💪
    after he broke his guitar:😢 F*ck i broke it let me take this put this on…. F*uck i messed up i need to dont tuch anything so stupid😔 need to stay on the door of the guard for 20 hours now

  23. I think at the end where Freddy and Abby are standing in front of the pizzeria, it seems we can see Abby holding Freddy’s hand. I think this is a possible sign that Mike was stuffed in the Freddy suit while still alive, with the spirit. Im sure Mike still has some recall on what happened and is just stuck in the suit.
    Anyone else have the same idea?

  24. so we ignored the fact spring bonnie was holding the hands of 5 kids?

  25. Sorry that I didn’t come in time just binge watching and I’m surprised that CoryxKenshin earned a spot, good job Cory

  26. My brother is one of the movie actor the fnaf movie i got early access two bcuase he is my brother one of the actors the movie was so good

  27. the reason Abby might be wearing two different clothes is because it might be a different day as there are 6 nights in fnaf

  28. 6:03 on the left there is a drawing of I think chica and a little girl next to her does that mean she is the animatronic what if every picture…that has a kid…and an animatronic…. means they are the animatronic and we get to know who is in who !!!!

  29. I heard and I'm proud of you. I really excited to see the movie when it comes out.

  30. the girl is probaly in her day clothes and in her pj's going to sleep there

  31. Is wirdo the sayng for golden freddy is wirdo is the sayng for a god ?

  32. Fun fact: fgteev was the uber driver but cory wants to be in the trailer so they replaced fgteev

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