if FNaF animatronics where extra realistic! #fnaf - jetgame.pl

if FNaF animatronics where extra realistic! #fnaf

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  1. don’t worry Gregory I can see your search history WHAT THE F@

  2. I would fucking delete this game that's fucking scary, except chica she's the same

  3. i now see why scott had nightmares about bonnie

  4. Just a few more shorts before going to bed!!! that one short:

  5. Night guard:(snaps out of the FNAF universe)

  6. Other animatronics:MORE CREEPY THAN HELL
    Nightmare chica:bruh why am I always underrated
    Withered chica:*better at gibberish*

  7. Oh btw n.fred bear looks like Winnie who's possessed by an demon bru

  8. O helllllllllll no no to the no no to the no

  9. I don’t know why but I feel like realistic balloon boy would be one of my friends

  10. "One more YouTube short before bed!"
    The YouTube Short:

  11. Not me watching this at 5 in the morning and no ones awake except me

  12. They are already realistic in the game☠️ if anything the drawings are less realistic

  13. Seeing this irl? Nawh dawg, we all dead on the spot 💀

  14. Nightmare Bonnie looks like Bon from walten files

  15. Bro realistic nightmare foxy really scared me btw 😂

  16. This isn’t even realistic it’s just bloodier. I don’t think a business would design they’re animatronics with chest mouths 😂

  17. Dude Fredbear is terrifying🫣 it’s like a big scary Winnie the poo😳

  18. Other Animatronics: man am dead 💀
    Nightmare Chica: B R U H, S H E D O E S N ' T C H A N G E A T A L L

  19. Bros search history:
    Realistic fnaf fandraw
    4k scary good fnaf fan art

  20. If the whole thing was realistic nothing would’ve happened

  21. Bros search history says: scary fnaf pictures💀☠️

  22. Why does nightmare foxy look less scary then he did in the game 💀💀

  23. Did you saw them on rule 34? That's more scary then that (and yes i weird)

  24. Oh my God I'm dying if one of those things is in my room

  25. “Toy Chica es la única animatronico que lleva un short, que para mi la hace ver muy sexy”

  26. me drinking cola and laughing cuz they are so ugly💀💀💀

  27. The animatronic is not anomals they don't want to get more realistic because they looks lealistic already

  28. Now this is why i dont watch the VHSes because the animatronics look like this horror shit

  29. I know the jokes about how that doesn’t scare us and Toy Chica does, but I didn’t flinch in this

  30. Ya wanna know my favorite cereal “honey bunches of NOPE”

  31. One more short before bed!
    The short:

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