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I watched Game Theory’s Ultimate Timeline to learn FNAF lore

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How well would I understand Five Nights at Freddys Lore if I just watched @GameTheory Ultimate FNAF timeline?
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  1. I played the first 4 games and kinda just grew up and stopped but I always kept watching matpats videos

  2. you should also understand that there’s been multiple points since fnaf’s release where we have considered ourselves having a full timeline, notably after fnaf 3 and again after ultimate custom night. new stuff just keeps getting added, changing things we thought we knew and adding more confusing elements to the story

  3. Endoskeleton isn’t what they’re called. It’s a word that spawned from this game 😂

  4. Bro clara is at most 100 years old by the time security breah takes place

  5. the thought that the utah gov. really just allowed multiple tragedies to happen without intervention is a funny thing to think about, but it did put Utah's names on the paper. Bad PR is still PR i guess

  6. I saw the title and just went…"did you explode?"

  7. 44:30
    Im pretty sure bodyguards to a childrens pizzeria would probably would be unappealing to kids

  8. This wasn't a class project, this was a dissertation.

  9. I just love how literal the name "Sister Location" actually is.

  10. Here's a fun fact: Matpat and his wife Stephanie actually appear in a FNAF game (i think even their son makes an appearance but not sure)

  11. i feel so bad for this guy because the fanaf move will come out, change the canon and they will say something like "all of its canon including the movies" and he will have to make another NEW FANF ULTIMATE TIMELINE that will take a year to make

  12. I think that William's ex wife would have figured out how to get Remnant without killing.

  13. “A bit I’ll” just a bit right? Still good. 5 second rule.

  14. When matpat is too old will his son take the channel

  15. According to a quick Google search that I spent only ten seconds on, 50 cent in 1930 had the equivalent buying power of $9.15 today. Inflation, and the great depression, is a bitch

  16. Purple guy is Michael William Afton is spring trap they are two different being killed different ways with everyone stop being stupid

  17. Huge fan of security breach. Fnaf Doesn’t need to be drab and conventionally creepy all the time. I love the 80’s aesthetic. I love the “liminal” atmosphere of many of the areas. The glamrock animatronics are very fun.

  18. I have not even played one fnaf game i will do that eventually but i have no idea when

  19. I would trade a babys life for dogs it is a fair trade off

  20. this guy looks like Mini Ladd except he looks young enough for Mini Ladd to text him.

  21. TIL that Froststorm in chat has no idea what he's talking about. If Frost is reading this, Imma make this very clear: Michael was the Nightguard for the entirety of FNAF 1, the custom night for FNAF 2 and the entirety of FNAF 3. Also, who the fuck is Hudson? Because I know for a FACT you cannot be trying to tie in a book character never shown to be in the Fazbear Frights Location TO that location. That would be stupid.

    You know what? Fuck it, not gonna list all the shit Froststorm got wrong, otherwise I'd be here all night.

  22. 1:05:43 i shared this clip with my brother who always says "dOnt WatCh mAtpAt hEs wRoNg aBouT eVertHinG hE maKeS uP hIs eVideNce" because its like bro its just a theory

  23. Remnant is metal infused with a soul so the animatronics that go out somehow takes bits of a child's soul and bring it back to her then she infuses the soul bits with metal and make remant

  24. 29:29 I don’t know if you were paying attention, but he just said that Michael is the babysitter

  25. If you don't shut the hell up and let me hear the lore and not you then I'm gonna come over there and make you shut up

  26. Cassidy is the one he should not have killed by her own decleration. She seeks vengamce and has made herself the one he should not have killed. Yeah, we all agree that he shouldn't have killed anyone, but the story of the games positions one as "The One He Should Not Have Killed" and in previous theories MatPat has broken down why that is Cassidy

  27. Let me give you a little back story number one. The mother's dead number two, the father gets spring locked😅

  28. Matpat: It was just a prank it's suppose to be funny😞

    MorePatterrz: It is funny😁

  29. Since miss afton named the robot that was meant to be based jn her son, gregory, does that mean the crying childs name could be gregory? We never did geta name for him, and highly doubt cryingchild is his realnzme

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