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i was NOT ready for this… FNAF 4 Full Game

Bijuu Mike
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Bijuu Mike plays Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 FULL GAME If you missed last 3 games be sure to check them out

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  1. Was that the bite of 87 classic misconception

  2. that is the bite of 83 not the bite of 87….

  3. The once in a lifetime occurrence merge mansion showing up in fnaf 4

  4. can we just have a moment of appreciation for mike being one of the few people who has aced at least one night in 2 of these games

  5. The way when you walk to the doors I like how he drags his face on the floor

  6. "come out of the closet"
    my mind immediately: Freddy, exactly! You can love who you want to!!!

  7. Heyo mike! Can you play sister location. Please? If you already did the. Play a another fnaf game!

  8. Awesome 👏 Fnaf 4 Gameplay I Am Making My Own Cartoon Show And A Video Game 🎮 One ☝️ Day

  9. is that the bite of 87 hhhhhhhhhhhh markiplayer

  10. O_O bijuu Mike died after his first jumpscare

  11. Dude his name is not Freddy Freddy's and all the other nights you just didn't get killed by him the name is actually nightmare fredbear

  12. The Bite of 83 but it's okay your new and some people got confused too

  13. fnaf 4 is so fun too watch cuz everyone’s reactions too the bite of 83’

  14. Speaking of fnaf four I had a fnaf four expeirence I was wathching tv with my sis at 1aclock at night and i saw freaking Bonnie in the closet!

  15. I had this game on my phone when I was like 7

  16. I summun you Freddy! Demon Freddy imerges "You summun me!!"

  17. Me crying at "the bite of 87"a
    (No hate to Mike!)

  18. Fun Fact: William kept cameras in in Evans room (or chris-) and let out a sounds that is beyond human hearing so it would give Evan/ chris halucinations of nighmareish versons of freddy, chica, foxy and bonnie to stop evan/chris from going to the Pizzaria. (something like that) Ur welcome :>>

  19. Is bite of 83 Evan die bite of 87 mangle bite the guard

  20. In this u play as Chris, I figured this out in the 2nd cutscene

  21. When a kids batterys on a flashlight last more than a buildings power

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