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I Think I Broke The Game?! | FNAF Security Breach (Part 11)

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In true GTLive fashion I played the game wrong. But hey! Maybe it’ll all work out in the end? Or maybe not. At least we’ve got Music Man to soothe us with some of his sweet sweet jams.

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0:00 – Quite Possibly The Shortest Witty Banter We’ve Ever Had
0:36 – Ending Huntin’ w/ MatPat
57:57 – The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. BTW that room behind the daycare is where sun jumped out from the first time u went into the ball pit. It is where sun resides

  2. What was SUPPOSED to happen, is you would get the fazerblaster, see the vent, go exploring up and find Vanny's office/hideout as well as the PQ3 machine, not be able to do anything else up there for now, and then you just go back to doing other stuff and it either unlocks later or you get to it through a different route or something like that.

    Instead, jumping over that little gate (shame on you, QA testers, for not realizing how easy it would be to hop that) sent you to that lower area and sequence-broke the game as you ran over an event trigger that signalled the game to proceed with the Vanny ending prematurely.

  3. Matpat: sees the blocked stairway hmmm tries to glitch jump over it to see secrets, unlocking the next ending

    Also Matpat: WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!?!

  4. Did they skip episode #12 does anyone know? I see from 11 straight to 13??

  5. He legit just glitched his way to an ending

  6. When we went through the vanny ending at the wrong time i felt the effects of whiplash :")

  7. It was not he vent. You were NOT supposed to jump the gate. The gate that was obviously closed.

  8. Matpat, don't lie to mat. VANNY is an animatronic. Vanessa is human. Vanny is definitely more animatronic than Gregory is…

  9. normal gamers follows the first and clear path along side the story, theorists and Matlab explores a little too much and starts an ending

  10. you actually just shouldn't lose collectables. 100%'ing this game is probably one of the worst completionist experiences because there is an area with collectables that gets locked off so you need to restart your playthrough if you missed them and if you get to 6am before you have everything, you can't truly 100% because you just lose it all anyway.

  11. The vent in fazerblast is meant to show you Vanny's area. If you had chose to explore Fazerblast rather than Monty Golf before 6am, you would have received the "Vanny" ending option. Once you leave the gates at 6am, you would have had the three options: stay, leave, and vanny. Which is why Freddy mentions Vanny at the end. You accidentally broke into that ending, and thats why it didn't make any sense because you missed the first portion of said ending.

  12. If you play balloon boy game you can glitch the game and you’ll be able to save again

  13. It’s actually painful watching this part

  14. You are not supposed to get that ending yet

  15. You need to get the third option for the end:
    Stay/Leave/Vanessa should be your options

  16. No one is talking about how in the beginning of Matpat leaving the theater, the staff bot is ACTUALLY performing a comedy routine for the first time as “comedy bot.” Feels like opening the poster door unlocked that bit?

  17. love that the article literally just says “blah blah blah this article has nothing to do with the game”

  18. What was supposed to happen was Gregory gets the fazer blaster, goes through the vent, checks out Vannys room and goes back to the atrium

  19. I can’t get over how he literally triggered a secret ending without even trying to. Like he just stumbled upon an area that gave him Freddy’s dialogue that’s supposed to come from the secret Vanny endings. Purely on accident.


  20. Matpat accidentally sequence breaking sucks cuz you lose the immersion of the scene

  21. Lol Matpat would accidentally skip a major story bit by jumping over a fence he's not supposed to

  22. My theory is they intended people to take the game extremely slowly, investigating every single room and patiently unlocking everything if you wanted to do that. So when you reached 6am you basically had everything unlocked. Which is why the time doesn't progress until you progress the story. I'm not saying that's good game design, personally I think the game could use some quality of life changes like collectible saving. I also would have liked to see a difficulty level increase, the whole game felt very hand holding and never had the chance to be scary IMO. Unlike other FNAF games that gradually became more difficult and then you had the 20/20 mode that was exceptionally hard and punished the slightest mistake. Steph made a great point, in the earlier episodes, that the design of the Animatronics was too polished and lessened the scare factor of them too. Personally having their face plates open up showing the twisted/demented endo skeletons would have been a nice touch. I also think the security bots "Jump scares" were over done and I became desensitized to them within the first twenty minutes and afterwards they just became annoying. I think if maybe there was more punishment to triggering the security bots, as well as their LOS being more oppressive, perhaps if they held you until Vanny showed up, while any animatronic in the area B-lines it towards you, would have helped increase the tension. That way they function less as a jump scare and more as eyes for the big bad Vanny. I know they addressed that Vanny was not functioning the way they intended. I had seen comments that they meant for her to be a far more oppressive presence throughout the game and are working on fixing that. I think the game could just really benefit from a difficulty slider of some sort. The game is extremely ambitious and I get that it's paving a new road that FNAF has never taken before. So I just hope that they take all the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, not the hateful and rude comments that do nothing but ruin everyone's fun, that everyone has been giving and work on it. The community gives the criticism because we care and love what SW and Scott have made here. I see the potential, we all do, and the care that was put into this game and I just hope they don't get discouraged and lose their passion.

  23. Might be really late but In your dreams and with the way their faces are… thinking puppet? Could be the puppet in someone's dreams.

  24. When it hits 6am there's an option that says vanny and if you click it a cut scene will happen its vanny and she tells the bots to disassemble freddy which is why he says "Gregory I still have a signal…" and the when you jumped over the gate that little area is apart of the path you go to get to vanny so on and so forth

  25. Noooooo he didn’t notice the comedy bot making jokes

  26. Ok my theory is maybe Gregory doesn't live in these specific places in this mall. But maybe someone else did & whoever owns this mall kick them out when they couldn't finish these games. Maybe that's why the security bots are broken & or ripped apart cuz they were trying to stay hidden. Cuz it can't be Gregory remember he said "hey I'm still in here". When the doors closed plus he lives outside in a box.

  27. Why is Freddy and Gregory acting surprised to learn Vanny is the bunnies name… Freddy obviously knows the name of the bunny (since he literally told Gregory back when you have the choice to leave or not) and Gregory should know the name because… Well because Freddy told him… That’s weird that they are both shocked lol😅

  28. Matpat: breaks the game
    Matpat: Hopefully this doesn't break the game
    Game: breaks

  29. talks about how jumping the gate could break the game*
    confused as to why the game is broken*

  30. Was anyone else yelling 'you're not supposed to be there yet! Get out!' At the screen for the last half of the video?

  31. I don't understand why he was so confused it was so obvious he did a sequence break

  32. It’s only right for chica to be a trash can because she will eat all of your food/trash

  33. Lmao I thought mirror mat was gonna press the button to exit your game i was gonna laugh

  34. Matpat is the only one that can fail at getting a ending LIKE HOW

  35. I watched Mark's playthrough to see the game (mostly for markiplier) and now I watch you for the secrets, I know you shall find them where he did not.

  36. No, so the room behind the stage is the place sun comes out of at the daycare is sun and moons room. If you remember, it cannot be Gregory’s room because he didn’t have the camera to take pictures of the characters to open the secret door. Plus why would sun come out of the room if it wasn’t his? There’s just no way it’s Gregory’s room.

  37. about the room full of parts it can't be Gregory's cus ist where sundrop comes from and if he was living in there sundrop would have recognised him

  38. Oh yeah, when playing Lazer tag you RUN to take cover or attack

  39. "Clearly, we pulled apart an innocent human being."
    I don't know about 'Innocent', but pretty much, yeah.

  40. sometimes Matt says like 'bad words' and it genuinely shocks me and I'm like okay DadPat calm down lol for no reason

  41. THAT is a glich that need to get pacht matpat was soo confuse🤣🤣

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