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I Think I Broke The Game?! | FNAF Security Breach (Part 11)

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In true GTLive fashion I played the game wrong. But hey! Maybe it’ll all work out in the end? Or maybe not. At least we’ve got Music Man to soothe us with some of his sweet sweet jams.

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0:00 – Quite Possibly The Shortest Witty Banter We’ve Ever Had
0:36 – Ending Huntin’ w/ MatPat
57:57 – The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. Lmao when mirror mat muted matpat i got an ad

  2. I like how he did the vanny murdur ending out Of order… wow

  3. I feel that steel wool should have made it to where fazer blast was first an like gator golf been last. Monty feels like a really big boss battle. I think since they gave us free choices that kinda broke the game a lot. Its a great game i think it could have been executed better…

  4. I think it’s funny how when he is talking to mirror mat it sounds like he is talking to him self in the 3rd person

  5. MatPat, your game is somehow bugged since in the choice of leaving the place. There is a option that just "Vanny" which does not appear somehow.

  6. Matt breaking the game like that is worthy of the "Terrible job, Supersh#t!" meme.

  7. Matpat is truly terrible at games it’s actually amazing

  8. The way Mat enters an area that is accessible through an ending and just triggers Freddy's ending line by accident was comically funny.

    I laughed so hard, I farted.

  9. You forgot the fazer blaze witch triggers the whole section

  10. Yeah, don't jump over the gate lmao. Also, do this for the 2nd or 1st upgrade and it will give you a 3rd option at the 6am auto save point "vanny" and then you get the first half of the ending you found by accident lol

  11. The "In your Dreams" bots reminds me of the puppet on how they look

  12. Not gonna lie, I was getting frustrated seeing MatPat sequence break the game as the game is desperately telling him to do what he's supposed to do.
    Very surprised he did not realize he was sequence breaking the game.

  13. I wonder if you were supposed to get a gameover in BB World while it was in the glitch state. "All games have to be glitched at the same time" might just mean exit out while it's glitched.

  14. i think that not all the areas where there are child-like things laying around belong to Gregory. one of the ones you stumble upon has pink/girly related like things, hinting that it was most likely a girls hiding spot. while there are more than just one hiding spots. i think it’s most likely that these hiding spots belong to the other children who have been sought out by Vanny, or whoever decided to murder them.

  15. I find it funny how the story is already hard enough to comprehend and piece together, and now the amount of bugs/design decisions in this game just adds another layer of confusion. It`s such a mess. That being said I'm enjoying Mat's playthrough a LOT.

  16. Watching Matt play just convinces me more and more that he doesn't know how to play videogames and how little mirror Matt knows about FNAF physically hurts

  17. MatPat grab the Fazerblaster challenge: impossible.

  18. The episode where matpat breaks the game with his mad hops

  19. 25:32
    Freddy: Vanny, That is like
    Vanessa, And also Bunny,
    That cant be a Coincidence!
    MattPatt: Subtle!

  20. 27:38
    Well that Freddy Line
    Is not ment to be there!
    Thats part of the Ending
    After Vanny says
    "Disassemble Freddy!"
    And the S.T.A.F.F. Bots
    Disassemble Freddy,
    That Part is Sad to Me!
    But the Idea of "Disassemble Vanny"
    Thats Gregory making the S.T.A.F.F. Bots Tear Vanny Apart, And thats off Screen!
    So Gregory is See a Gory Death
    Vanny being Gruesomly Torn Apart!

  21. Some people are saying that the number 55 in the Monty golf minigame stands for fazbears 55th anniversary

  22. Glam Freddy calling Gregory “Superstar” and petting him hit me hard 🥺❤️

  23. Ah yes, I, Matpat, will jump over a 'NO, DON'T GO THIS WAY' gate…. because…I CAN 😂 ❤️

  24. How is that where gregory is hiding? Sun guy came from there in the begining.

  25. The comments: all know what’s going on

    Me: has literally no idea what’s going on because Matpat is the only person I’ve watched play the game

  26. mat pat missed the cutscene for how freddy ended up ripped apart!

  27. 0:02 Me to my friend Matt after I confess my feelings to my crush and she says she feels the same

  28. the room in the daycare is sun and moon’s room. you can see on the one drawing that says “me and freddy” it’s a drawing of sun and freddy

  29. Newspaper – "blah blah blah. This article has nothing to do relevant to the game. Yakity smakity." Pretty funny, but Matt's going to b disappointed when he looks for lore there.

  30. MatPat can charge Freddy but still would rather look himself than use the Emporer Eyes he has

  31. Man, this game is broken to the point where you can get an ending by accident.

  32. It sucks that this game is so buggy. I just started playing and when trying to hide from Chica I hid behind a very accessible plant pot practically placed there for such purpose and couldn't even jump back out.

  33. Okay I’m intrigued. What’s the initials on the arcade machines? FF. Freddy. MG. Monty. CC. Chica. RW. Roxy. But FS, GJ, VL, RK, FB, RY? Am I just not caught up with THE LOOOOORE or is this something big??

  34. Space Freddy Keychain, like the Freddy in space thing in fnaf world

  35. You should check markipliers videos for that ending, it actually makes sense in them.

  36. I find it hilarious that whatever matpat finds difficult, Mark had no problem with and vice versa.

  37. Yes you were supposed to go into the vent you weren’t supposed to have jumped the fence 😂😂😂

  38. The princess quest 1 is in Roxy raceway at the barber shop

  39. Why do you keep insisting that that room is Gregory's hideout?? It is very obviously Sun and Moon's room because they literally come out of there the moment you enter the daycare lol what?

  40. You have to do the vanny route ending in order to access the room

  41. Help wanted was just as buggy to me as security breach was. Maybe a different gaming studio should work on FNAF games

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