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I Solved FNAF Security Breach (FINALE)

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I Solved FNAF Security Breach (FINALE)
Hey everyone! This video is the FINALE of my “I Solved FNAF Security Breach” series. In this video we talk about FNAF World, Patient 46 being Charlie from The Silver Eyes book trilogy, and why I think Gregory is not a robot. I hope you enjoyed this series 🙂 Love you all! 💙

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  1. In short Afton basically copy consciousness over

  2. “Now the guy's got Freddy as a partner. Any problems, he goes to Freddy. Trouble with the bill? He can go to Freddy. Trouble with the cops, deliveries, Monty, he can call Freddy. But now the guy's gotta come up with Freddy’s money every week, no matter what. Business bad? Please deposit five tokens. Oh, you had a fire? Please deposit five tokens. Place got hit by lightning, huh? Please deposit five tokens!”

  3. The thumbnail is BACKROOMS level:l press start.

  4. Would this explain the “burn it all” ending and how after Vanessa as Vanny is pushed off of the building by Freddy, another Vanessa still appears on top of the building. Could that be the other evil Charlie bot/the Tape Girl under Aftons control?

  5. awesome, never in a million years would I have noticed some of this. Just had to heap some praise.

  6. If I remember correctly, MatPat also opened a fresh game of FNAF World with save data of Security Breach and immediately got a trophy in World for it tying them together in some way.

  7. these theories genuinely make sense and are easy to understand! keep up the good work 👍

  8. these theories genuinely make sense and are easy to understand! keep up the good work 👍

  9. The words hide and no hide from the 3 level are also on post it notes in the post it notes room from security breach

  10. Ya so we got Dna test results back and your matpats son

  11. I can't believe you can fit these lore Pieces together, keep up the good work

  12. 😈ID 0342 - T@P Мe TO have sex With МЕ!😈 says:

    John is so dedicated to solving FNAF that he definitely is worthy of collabing with MatPat from Game Theorists – 2 mad lads together would be dope

  13. 1:44 the scores screen on the arcade machine looks like a crying child

  14. 💗ID 0342 - TAР Мe T0 Hаve SEX wiтн (me)💗 says:

    "You've probably recognised my opinions have constantly chanegd on some things" which is 100% a good sign, changing what you think based on new evidence, All of this is compelling and this series has definitely gotten me a lot more hyped for Ruin 😀

  15. 😈ID 0342 - T@P Мe TO have sex With МЕ!😈 says:

    Somebody give this man an award for such dedication to this game's lore

  16. I actually really liked FNAF world, for all its differences, and the way things went made me sorta sad

  17. You did this in like, a month, but I can't get my theory solved in a year lol

  18. Gods I loved all of this! I just don't agree with Elizabeth fusing with Vanessa, or Michael fusing woth Freddy. I really do think their souls are gone.

  19. Find the key, to glitchtraps cell?

  20. is foxy.exe not just a reference to sonic.exe
    i love the video and the theory i just dont think its that deep in this situation lmao

  21. Really well done theories, especially the last one.

  22. For real, this is for me the most solid theory

  23. You deserve waaaay more subs than what you have. You are piecing things together nearly 3x as fast as MatPat! I can't wait to see what you uncover next! You got yourself a new subscriber!

  24. I feel that this video ties everything together quite nicely 💚
    Matpat should be proud

  25. I think you have some solid points, but again kind of jumping the gun on things! I have both an English degree and a game design degree, the big thing is to avoid making logical leaps. Drawing connections should be on solid foundation (ie the games having similar formats are just tropes of horror, it’s likely they don’t correlate unless there is a direct piece of evidence definitively tying them together)
    You’re onto something, just maybe scrap the parts with weaker connections and study a bit on gamedev / game narrative! It’ll help cut back on logical leaps and give you a clearer understanding on what’s important to the lore and what’s just there for worldbuilding!!

  26. @FuhNaff 15:15 so why did Freddy in one ending say: "I can see you now" if its just a sound?

  27. Shhhh, don’t be too smart John, steelwool is going to panic and change the story last minute to surprise us and end up ruining it

  28. Vanessa has green eyes. That's it. When ever a girl has green eyes in this series it's Elizabeth

  29. Several theories explain how fnaf world is telling stories about everything.
    How were the fnaf 3 puzzles solved? What was the original story? It’s goal is to tell you how the FNAF WORLD works

  30. Security Breach is best described as rough around the edges, like, all the edges, even lore wise, but you did a great job with what we have, and I like it. I also legit never noticed the child in the Fnaf 4 looking bed you showed in a previous video you made, and I watched all of The Game Theorists' Fnaf videos. The possibility of the child actually being a girl in Fnaf 4 is also very interesting and it opens up alot of other possibilities. Your theory about a connected Steal Wool and Illumix lore/universe and it being possibly unfinished or rushed is also spot on and makes sense. Banger videos man, keep it up 🔥

  31. Quick question how can Charlie be patient 46, a child, but also be tape girl, an adult with a job. From what I understand the Charlie robot that Afton stole is an adult Charlie which matches with tape girl but not child patient 46. And patient 46 is the hacker and everything so yeah am I missing something or?


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  34. Back when I originally saw Mark's playthrough of SB I honestly believed your character wasn't an actual child.

  35. This could work if Scott Cawthon didn't say that fnaf world was not canon, but then again he also plays the role of an indie game designer who went rouge

  36. Dude is like this is my claim now I have more evidence and more and more and more and more lol

  37. You lost me at "FNaF World" I loved your previouse theories but I don't want to beleave that game is canon in any way
    Edit: I wrote this comment before finishing the video so I didn't hear the part where he said he understands the point of view I just discribed- Anyway this was anamazing theory over all, I also love how you went from geting verry apretiative of how far you came to just "Bye :D" S
    Sorry for the bad spelling and it's late where I am and im going delaries just watching FNaF theorys cause thats my life UuU

  38. I wish I could forget ur videos so that I could watch em again

  39. this has me going back to secruity breach searching a little too hard bro 😭😭 now FNAF WORLD

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