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I played the worst FNAF fan game

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bye bye channel

subcribe? :))))


  1. Time for another episode of why the heck this was on my recommendation

  2. "This is bad"

    -final words of I don't upload

  3. it gaved me brain damage and i hope that studio gets deleted and the game too

  4. I just know some nerd will ask for the link.

  5. Why the main menu music is so fricking good!?

  6. Finally someone agrees this is weird

  7. Bro is too funny to not subscribe to ong man. I was already knee slappin a few minutes in

  8. pretty sure your a minor, you should be playing this

  9. The animatronics do get a bit quirky at night

  10. The sad thing is this game probably runs better than Security Breach

  11. I’m surprised this isn’t age restricted

  12. STAY FOCUSED? im not gay i love this game

  13. the worst part is that it's actually very well made

    why the games about banging literal robots gotta have the most quality??????????

  14. Every week you get payed $7,000, and every day you get $1,000 a day, and there are 52.179 weeks in a year, so if you worked there for a year, you could walk home with $52,179 in your hands.

    In other words: it’s a win win!

  15. Mf I’m gonna get beaten by a belt because I didn’t know what sodomized meant 😭

  16. This makes Yakuza, Postal, Half-Life 1 and 2, Roblox, CoD, CS:GO, L4D 1 and 2, Portal 1 and 2, and last but not least Team Fortress Classic and Team Fortress 2 look like a game made for babies to learn life lessons with

  17. Delete the game and then burn your computer

  18. the fact that these vids are your most popular XD

  19. When I looked up sodomized and what it means it basically said that you’re gonna get bum fucked

  20. bro i'm watching this when i'm ten i am so screwed

  21. Even anime fans find this wrong (I’m one of them)

  22. "The animatronic characters do get a little quirky at night" said by a wise man

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