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I Played EVERY Five Nights at Freddy’s Game On Nintendo Switch

Russ Vandy
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I Played EVERY FNAF Game On Nintendo Switch… here’s what happened! I also rank each game on a tier list! With the hype for FNAF being at an all-time high, I decided to play EVERY GAME ported onto switch… you’ll soon find out the pro and cons to each game, and we even discover, some just shouldn’t be here…

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  1. Well, UCN is a great game for pc, i never tried it on switch, but for me its one of the best fnaf games

  2. Fan games are the best also the first one was the best I remember when it first came out in summer 2014

  3. Nothing beats FNaF in classic 720p running at 30 FPS

  4. what game was at 1:04? little confused cause it looks fanmade

  5. Bro there was a jumpscare in the first 5 mins.

  6. FNAF 3, is my favourite game and i find it the easiest among them all, its sad that you say you dont understand it, but i also have experience 🙂

  7. Sister location is absolutely awful on switch. My sibling, who has beat every single fnaf game multiple times on switch, still can not get past night 4

  8. Hey, do you know how to record these games with stereo sound from the switch as I'm really struggling to set this up and I cant find any tutorials which have been able to help?

  9. I thought Fnaf Pizzaria simulator, UCN and world weren't on switch every time i search Five Nights at Freddy's it just comes up with 1-5 Help Wanted/ dlc and Security breach

  10. I hope the bigger fnaf games do better on thr next gen Nintendo device. I have the core collection and SB. I enjoy them.

  11. If you wanna play it in touch screen, it's better playing mobile than switch

  12. As a person that has every game on switch it's not horrible tbh

  13. There is only 4 games that ain't on switch being Freddy in space 2, freddy in space three, fnaf world, fnaf security breach fury's rage.

  14. I’m still buying all of them because I’m a Nintendo fan and also a fnaf fan and I don’t wanna get legit consoles because o just don’t like them

  15. Me. Being not old but loves fnaf

  16. So if you get five nights at Freddy's in your Nintendo do you get all of the FNAF games?

  17. Did you voice paraphrase the rapper ( don’t take this as an offense )

  18. I will admit that the switch version was not the best way to play it but I got it and had a good time

  19. You deserve an award for going through all of the fnaf games on SWITCH 😂

  20. I love FNaF 3 so much and its definitely in my top 3 of the franchise. You probably didnt know where Springtrap was because he has 2 spots he can hide in on each camera so you have to learn and actually pay attention to the cameras. I love that they actually made the cameras work for their intended purposes and the game feels more reactive and variable because its not just an exact routine you follow for 6 minutes

  21. Bro I’m 12 I don’t get frightened easily bro I’m in 7th grade I still play FNaF and I watched the movie day 1 with my friend and his dad just us 3 men and I still was t scared FNaF Movie was like a comedy to me but it was still good

  22. Bro said he will not show jumó scares and then showed jump scares 💀

  23. Tbh i understand fnaf 3s mechanics through watching youtubers playing it and tbh i still find it to be the worst in the series. I failed to figure out why others liked it so much idk

    Tbh even though i struggled to complete it and still havent completed it bc the mechanics freak me out more than other games i kind of like fnaf 4

  24. Freddy in space a new game that got released?
    The first game was in FNaF World’s update 2 as a mini game and the second game was released in 2020

  25. I only have a switch, I can't afford any more consoles.



  28. Bro this is so well made. Plus there is just a random song in the middle to lighten the mood!

  29. Can anyone tell me how he has FNAF pizzeria sim and ucn I can’t find them on the e shop

  30. Bro your videos are sick! GJ, i surly can learn a lot from you, ngl 💯🙌✅

  31. Dude, love the musical segment. It’s really catchy

  32. You are superstar 🎉 (source) = (Glamrock Freddy) +
    How can you record screen on switch? 11:58

  33. Since I don't have consistent access to a PC, I am debating on whether I should get it on my Switch or my phone (apple). Thanks for this video, it's helpful for my decision! Seems like mobile is more consistent (and cheaper) on mobile, but I welcome any opinions, pros, and cons.

  34. Surviving the IRS is the scariest thing in 6.

  35. I buy fnaf 1 on swich becose I can play it with controllers and touch screen but touch screen suck and also you can play with mouse

  36. a 10 year old is beter than you on fnaf 3.

  37. only real gamers have beat nightmare plushbaby on switch lol

  38. Dude you deserve more subs views and likes

  39. Just a note is that the "touch controls" in Fnaf 1 and 2 are not actually touch controls, they are emulated mouse controls. The games support the ability to play with a USB mouse on Switch when in docked mode, but if you are not playing with a mouse then it just defaults these mouse controls to the touch screen. This is also why stuff like the flashlight does not work, it's bound to a mouse button that's not being emulated with the screen (M2.) Also, the reason these are not present in the rest of the games is they were added in patches. For some reason Clickteam never got around to patching and fixing issues with the rest of the games, it's been about a year since Fnaf 2 was patched now. I overall would recommend the original PC games over any of the console versions, 1 and 2 are fantastic options now but the rest are poorly done and inferior.

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