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I Played 8 OBSCURE FNAF Fan Games Nobody Plays…

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I Played FNAF Fan Games Nobody Plays…

Music Used:
Leon Riskin – Alchemist’s Fantasy
Leon Riskin – No Time For Popcorn
Leon Riskin – The Runaway
Leon Riskin – Through the Cracks
Leon Riskin – Thank You For Your Patience

Video idea was inspired by Joeseppi.

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  1. I think you should check out Poppe and buddies 2. Its a very cool game in my opinon.

  2. The reason why poppee and buddies has a pixelated resolution, it's because It Is made in scratch

  3. The reason Popee and Buddies is low resolution, is because it was actually made in Scratch!

  4. I’m very tired and I thought “within yourself” one at like one minute in said “kill yourself”

  5. 6 hours at hugos looks fun, but what is that jumpscare?

  6. Thanks for sharing the information that there are tabs on gamejolt cause i was also having the same issue.

  7. i think our little horror story was just a alpha

  8. 16:13
    That jumpscare sounded similar to the jumpscares in a very old and most horrible fnaf fan game, FNAF: Left to Rust.
    I suggest not playing it cause there are no tips and you can get oofed in the first few seconds. The animatronic models have this rusty texture and when view on the cameras. It's fast pace 2d images that can teleport across the hall in a split second.

    Try it for yourself I warned you.

  9. Holy shit. We both been fans most our lives. So imma say you’re younger than like 19 cuz that first game came out about a decade ago. Damn I remember whatching my friends play and talk about lore and stuff

  10. In Kyle’s Diner, apparently when Kyle is near your door, you gotta use the cams to fend him off, when you see static on your screen, that means Kyle has left.
    Tbh I don’t really know either but if you wanna play this game again, maybe use this strategy. But idk how to play this either.

  11. actually five nights at maggie's is a good game for me

  12. Can you talk about Six Horrors 1-3 and the Classic Collection?

  13. Dude, this was such a cool video idea. You should totally do it again it’s not only super unique and cool to see unknown for naff and games but it’s also really cool for the creators of the games to see you review them! It’d be a great idea to make this a multiple part series. Thx PlainTrace 🙏 😊

  14. Wolfy's gameplay is really similar to another fangame called five nights at coffy's or something like that, dunno if that's a coincidence but i just wanted to point it out

  15. I feel so bad for the devs who put a lot of effort into their game, but get no recognition. They deserve more for what they make.

  16. I think Kyle works that you just pull the camera and jumpscare you

  17. Heres the names of some trash piles mostly 3: the joy of creation [or smth like that] the B. O. A/the box of animatronics and mangle

  18. the Popee and buddies office has an VHS effect

  19. Okay the third game was made to look like an old game for the resolution

  20. Cant believe bro didnt play six minutes at margrets 😤😤😤

  21. either its still under development or its a troll game 5:15

  22. Wasn’t there a game called three nights at doggies or something in this vid?

  23. Anyway, I think that you already know by now, but the pixelated graphic of Poopes wasn't a bug or something like that, the problem iscm that the game Is made in scratch, and the resolution of scratch game Is pretty low

  24. jack’s is like five nights at jollibee’s about the start you have to walk to your office cool!

  25. Making my first fnaf fan game need some ideas

  26. Our little horror story has so much potential!! The developer is obviously super talented at modeling and animating. When he fully understands clickteam, he has potential of making probably one of the greatest FNAF fan games ever!

  27. 5:16 to play the game you have to flash the doorway for kyle to go away, i think…

  28. for some reason the silence in wolfy's nights kinda scares me 9:33

  29. Didnt Markiplier play "within yourself" already?

  30. I hope this becomes a series, not only it is interesting seeing games never talked about before but you help the developers and designers a lot with your feedback

  31. Oh hey within yourself I remember this game. Im pretty sure fusion Z played it.

  32. Also that springBonnie jumpscare with one of the best jumpscares I ever seen

  33. Maaaan 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love this video

  34. Yeah, but just don’t play five nights at the toilet

  35. Can I Get The Link To Jack's I Cant Seem To Find The GameJolt Page

  36. do NOT search five nights at Kyle's on YouTube WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE

  37. Imagine when this guy realizes Popee’s was made in Scratch

  38. 1K of likes to PlainTrace play A bite in Freddy's

  39. Update for "Funtime Hatch" at 12:50 – The developer of the game recently emailed me to let me know the game has no trojans and its only an error caused by the games engine. Just wanted to clear that up!

    Also let me know which game out of the 8 you thought was the best 😎

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