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I FOUND The FNAF Retcon #shorts

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Friends, I found Scott’s ONE retcon in the FNAF franchise! Scott has infamously said that he’s only retconned one thing throughout the entirety of the Five Nights at Freddy’s saga, which immediately set the community on fire trying to figure it out. People had all sorts of guesses but after today, I think we know for SURE this was it!

👀 FNAF, I SOLVED Ruin! (Security Breach) ►►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Pedro Freitas
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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  1. Tbh I think the community is the one who actually built the lore and Scott just takes which theory he likes the most and makes it canon

  2. Weird cuz in the FNAF one trailer you see Bonnie running but in the actual game foxy runs but I don't know

  3. This comment probably won’t be seen by anyone, but I do believe the letters spell “SAVE THEM” and not “SAVE HIM”

  4. Who gave you a big brain to notice all of this?!

  5. The only retcon was that timeline conformation up to fnaf two (or matpat just forgot it happened)

  6. My theory is this allowed for crying child’s brother (can’t remember his name rn) into his kinda dark crazy descent into madness and allow him to be better used in the story

  7. Another thing is the the tears under the puppets eyes

  8. I actually like the idea of crying child being puppet but I still prefer Charlie as puppet. I don’t know why William would kill his son and put him in the puppet. Charlie makes more sense considering her dad made the puppet to protect her.

  9. I have a cult against this man (MatPat) bc why can't he just leave FNAF alone

  10. Golden Freddy is possessed by a girl so your point?

  11. The play of the century goes to my boy Scott. Made a quick game that ended up being stupid popular, and then Matt literally created an entire lore and Scott just went “oh… alright”

  12. And when you go to bed that was not the bite of 87 that was the bite of 83 if you don’t agree with me, I tell you something there’s an Easter egg in the game that says 1993

  13. I can only imagine the moment when Scott realized

    "*Oh… Oh this is famous… Oh fu*-"

  14. I have one problem why would afton kill his own son

  15. No I think William was supposed to be using the fredbear suit to kill because of the suit being used in the phone calls because once phone guy mentioned it was being used golden freddy appeared that night also shadow freddy being purple

  16. Ik damn well he changed more than one singular thing

  17. What about….the CHEST???!!! Scary music plays

  18. Or maybe he just reconned the original story where everything is just a dream?

  19. And it would be wired why would William kill his own son?

  20. him: "He got himself bit instead"
    me: woah woah woah, that wasn't CC's fault-

  21. Nah he just heard Livingtombtone’s “It’s been so long” and wanted to make it more accurate

  22. I believe, and I do mean BELIEVE, that the retcon he's referring to is the original ending of FNAF. The dream theory. Nowadays, everyone hates it, but back, then, before all these extra pieces we had now, all clues lead to this. Even to the point there was a dream theory stream and SCOTT HIMSELF came and dropped hints. Unfortunately, as it seemed more and more like the dream theory was going to finally be true due to the first initial shots we got of FNAF 4, (befroom) the..uh..the fans rebelled. They took to the internet to let their displeasure be KNOWNNNNN and man was it. My theory is that the Box would have opened at the end of fnaf 4, giving us th final piece to let us know it was all a dream and then go on to the ending. Instead, the fans revolted so hard that he threw that entire plan out the window, started plans on another game and a better(weirder?) Story. And the box which was meant to open to confirm it and end the games, became a continuation. He retconned the ending to his own game. And as the lines say as it fades away "maybe some things are best left forgotten."

  23. I thought the box was retconned but I guess if it never had a true meaning then it could never really be retconned

  24. Well this is like the endings not canon

  25. I had a dream the puppet was gonna come after me if I didnt do something but then we worked it out and all he wanted to do was talk

  26. …and this is why gregory is an animatronic

  27. Its most likely this is true, sense william made CB for eli, in some ways..so, he could of made the puppet for CC

  28. Fnaf 4 is Michael… I thought we’ve been over this

  29. I think it’s actually what was in the box as he himself said he changed it

  30. Maybe c.c didn’t possess puppet bc why would william kill his own child? Charlie makes more sense bc she’s not wills kid

  31. I mean I would be crying if I was locked out a pizzarea and cars were driving by

  32. It would be great if Scott came out and told the TRUE lore over FNAF

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