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I Finally played the Scary FNAF game

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The Joy of Creation was an awesome game! It’s free on gamejolt if you’d like to try it yourself. I look forward to doing wack stuff with it.

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  1. Rewatching this and hearing "Rumor of a fnaf movie" & spiff then saying "Well that's never happening" makes me giggle cause it is now happening. October 27th <3

  2. 23:33 "[a movie]'s never happening" lmao that aged better than i could've hoped for

  3. He didnt know that there was gonna be a fnaf movie in the future.

  4. His gameplay it's "fine" but the thing that bothers me most is that Spiff, while I appreciate him as an entertainer… well, he doesn't fucking listen to the tutorial, doesn't pay attention to audio cues, seems more focused in chat than in the game…

    And seeing how demanding of your attention this game is… well, it makes me kinda rage. I am ONLY 6 minutes in and this has droven me off. I have played and watched some youtubers play this, and the ones I do watch leave the commentary for pieces of calmness or after dying or beating the night.

    I'm not saying his content is not good, I appreciate his stuff, but… in real scary, ear-blasting, pants-pooping (?) games like this… I would prefer more silent tension. Not a life story. I know this comment is not going to change absolutely anything seeing as this was uploaded a year ago, but I need to vent my frustration.

  5. I like how freddy's jumpscare sounds like an actual bear but a robot.

  6. “There were even rumors of a fnaf movie,lmao that’s never happening” 6/15/2023 are you sure about that


    Also Spiff: ok

  8. My recommend quality for my tablet is 144p

    Oh no

  9. A movie…wow thats never gonna happen…Well that didnt age well

  10. "Do pokémon eat pokémon?"
    Yeah. Read the pokédex. It includes some mildly horrifying descriptions of how various pokémon species eat each other alive.
    "It enwraps its prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey."
    "It spits a liquid from its mouth to melt through Shelmet's shell. Karrablast doesn't eat the shell— it eats only the contents."
    "Although Gorebyss is the very picture of elegance and beauty while swimming, it is also cruel. When it spots prey, this Pokémon inserts its thin mouth into the prey's body and drains the prey of its body fluids."
    "Palossand is known as the Beach Nightmare. It pulls its prey down into the sand by controlling the sand itself, and then it sucks out their souls."

  11. "b-but the game has no lore!"🤓
    "Finally something really scary"🗿

  12. Bro a 9 month old baby beat this and was unfazed

  13. never a movie on fnaf huh? U srue about that?

  14. I wanna know how Scott parents his kids if his baby can outwit 4 haunted animatronics

  15. I do love how in all the fnaf games you STOP foxy by looking at him but in joy of creation looking at him gets you killed

  16. if you were about to die I believe you would breath more than the voice actor you skipped

  17. 23:32 “lmao that’s never happening” …ohhh past Spiff… if only you knew 🫠

  18. There was even rumours about it getting a movie spiff:that’s never happening. October 27th 2023 new FNAF movie

  19. It’s funny seeing this after a year hearing “there’s no movie” now that they confirmed the release date

  20. 23:35 oh how wrong you are 2023 has gifted you the fnaf movie, your welcome

  21. 23:30 he says theres even rumors of a movie heppening. Spiff: LMAO thats never happening. 27th october be like:

  22. The comment about a movie never happening 💀💀

  23. “there were even rumors about it getting a movie” yeahhhh so about that

  24. "lmao that's never happening." he said, now what? wait till November

  25. You could just complete the first level by laying down and putting a blanket over your face (it’s not an actual feature) but if you do, Freddy won’t see you and therefore won’t want to enter, foxy won’t see your eyes and then go away, Bonnie won’t see you, and chica won’t know you’re there

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