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i finally did it…. | Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF) Part 1

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It’s been over 4 years of asking.. time for Five Nights At Freddy’s – the scariest game ever… FOR REAL GUYS!
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  1. My internet is super crappy and I pretty much have to watch this in low quality

  2. So glad to see a fnaf playthrough where he's not swearing constantly

  3. The animatronic that was in the room it wasn't with the others that is called by Bonnie beat by

  4. Think Here Is A Tip

    Bonnie Attacks you when You Have Your Monitor Up

  5. I wish I can subscribe a Million times because I love this

  6. Not funny dude think I’m sorry u got jumpsceard

  7. Lmao I’m binge watching this because I’m too broke and scared to actually play the game

    When I’m like 20 I really wanna play all of em xD, when I don’t- get night mares any time I play horror games at night

  8. It's noodles 11 wouldn't win Boeing's at the door look at the window there's a symbol that is still there that means he is still there if it is not there open the door if I've tried this many times on my dad's real phone aint worked OK so do it right

  9. Can you please play Inside thinknoodles?

  10. 11:32
    thinknoodles: you know what door

    bonnie: why'd you slam the door in my face

  11. There is a really small precentage that Freddy is looking at the cameras on the stage

  12. In night 1 they move at 3 am and if you press freddy's nose on the poster It will make noise

  13. Think noodles : Who is missing who is missing who is missing
    Me: Bonnie is the rabbit Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie

  14. think:this is gonna be ok :")! also think: AAAAaaaHHHH who is gonna attac first :"(

  15. think:WHAT HOW DID HE MOVE THAT FAST!!!?. also think: I DIDN'T SEE HIM

  16. think:its FoXy animatronics: ITS NOT JUST FOXY THAT CAN SING! foxy: ._.

  17. the second night i freaked out when bonny jumpscared

  18. 6:19 THINK YOU MISSED A RARE SCREEN 11:09 the endoskeleton and the bonnie head was looking at you . You missed another rare screen 🤦🏿‍♂️.but the rare screens don't matter the video is what matters nice video By the way i am absolutaly a noob at five nights at freddys

  19. Bonnie: stares at the camera
    Think: GeT awAy frOM thE cAmeRA dOoD

  20. I'm a potato and I'm thinknoodles biggest fan says:

    Good job Thinknoodles lol 😆😂

  21. thinknoodles is a master of playing fnaf my favourite gamer love you bro

  22. Is that fnaf five nights at freddy there is 4 characters I think there names are freddy foxy bonnie chica

  23. When he was like WHAT WAS THAT NOISE I DONT LIKE THAT me:bruh it’s just chica in the kitchen

  24. Get the fnaf guide books super helpful

  25. we should tell him to play 5 nights at fred bears

  26. I am just about to play fnaf and im scaird wish me luck

  27. "Whish I could use less power!"

    Immediately flips up monitor

  28. OMG thank you so much for playing this I love five nights at Freddy’s

  29. I love how in the beginning they say hit the like button and there's zero dislikes which I think they deserve zero dislikes but I don't think that's a reality so it's funny lol

  30. Bang bang coming from the kitchen Chica stop

  31. Think Noodles: Let’s not check the camera
    Me: I feel you, 😂😂

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