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I Do Not Like Sister Location

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is easily one of the most popular entries in the entire series. It’s a game loved by many, hated by many, and every other possible opinion you can think of in-between. Where do I stand? Well, that’s what this video is all about. Come on over, sit down, grab some popcorn, and let me explain to you why FNAF Sister Location is my LEAST FAVORITE GAME from any of the Scott Cawthon entries in the series! I hope you all enjoy my longest video EVER!

Thank you to @Pastraspec for doing a segment of this video! Please check out their upcoming series “Dreams of an Insomniac” coming out this Halloween!

Thank you to @ACIDIXZ for the hilarious thumbnail!

And finally, thank you to @nikolasines for providing a majority of the Sister Location footage used in this video since my main recording messed up!

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0:00 – Intro
2:41 – Looking Back At The Previous FNAF Games
5:19 – The Shaky Vent
6:07 – Intro To Sister Location
6:43 – Replayable? Not Really…
7:30 – The Shaky Vent Part 2
8:58 – Box Art Rant
11:09 – Circus Baby: Is She REALLY The STAR?
14:03 – The Jumpscare Rankings/Rant
16:32 – Pastra Presents: Sister Location’s Story
23:20 – It’s FINALLY Time…
24:03 – The PERFECT YouTuber Game?
26:05 – Night 1
33:37 – Night 2
41:57 – Night 3
46:29 – The Gameplay Rant
49:00 – Night 4
55:17 – Night 5
58:16 – The Baby Minigame Rant
1:00:50 – Ennard Night
1:04:29 – The Custom Cursor Rant
1:05:18 – Music Is Gud
1:05:45 – The End!


  1. I’m neutral on sister location. But… make no mistake… i think it kind of ruined the timeline. Nothing has made sense after sister location.

  2. 36:57 Also the fact you can just hold shift and spam W to evade dying in both Ballora and Foxy sections are hillarious

  3. I still hold sister location dear to my heart and it's one of my favorites. Mainly because I played it during a difficult time in my life and it made me happy. But I really do agree with what you said abt it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. I think you are clinically insane for this.

    1; I get this, *kinda*, Sister Location is much more focused on its story rather than gameplay which on paper would make it hard to replay, but ALL FNaF games are hard to replay! Why would you basically just reset the difficulty of the game when you could go into custom, which Sister Location also has but better because custom isnt just the same as the actual game, and play there at whatever difficulty you like?

    2; Genuinely who cares..? Like who cares about the boxart? Then also its in theme with the other games… if anything it would make more sense to mock the cover of FNaF 3 because it is the only outlier…

    3; Ok yeah I understand your complaints here, but it honestly does not really matter… It doesnt affect the gameplay or story at all and is really just a nitpicking of visual choices. For custom, why would she be there? She isnt the antagonist, she never wants to or tries to harm you except when you mess up the code (as the endoskeleton so the plot twist at the end isnt revealed…) and at the end of the game (both times she has a reason).

    I dont have time to spend an hour watching this so I will just assume every other point taking up the 45 minutes were very good points to make up for the respect I lost while watching this video.

  5. bro wanted to inform the world that he hates sister location 💀

  6. Bro unironically said "this game sucks because of the fake freeroam. you have to press W to move forward" as if that's a really annoying mechanic that nobody else does

  7. with the circus baby conveyor belt scene, it would be easy to have her attack them and it be exscusable and still keep in to the "she's tooootally a good guy" thing in the story. it's like in security breach, there's a chance of freddy turning on you if his power gets too low. and yet he's still an ACTUAL good guy.

  8. FNAF SL happens right before FNAF 2 and the restaurant could have existed since 1983 or a bit after right between that year and 1987. We know it because Michael would have visited it the 1986 or 1987 (before the bite of '87) since it is his first time as an adult in a pizzeria and sets the reason why he wants revenge from William.

  9. Sister location is like Your Favorite Martian everyobe rembers there being some good parts to slowly realizing it is one of the worst projects out of its genre

  10. Turning afton into dr wily and then into sigma is the funniest thing in the world so I don't care lol

  11. i think SL was an IMPORTANT entry into the series… we wouldn't be here today without it, but definitely not the best. I still stick by FNAF 1 & 2 being the BEST fnaf games.

  12. i saw the thumbnail and got mad, i don’t care at all that you explain why in the video, SL is the good automatically 💀

  13. Like said in the video, FNAF has the same issue that the Persona seires does. Its biggest fans come from the people that haven't played the game. As a comparison, when you play mainline SMT games you get to see how good the combat could be but understand that it had to be made extremely easy for everyone to enjoy instead of it being its full potential.

  14. I've never heard pastra be so harshly critical, yet so fantastically correct

  15. the utility room part with funtime freddy is fun, the secret ending ennard fight is fun, and the custom night is fun. other than that, the game is not very enjoyable.

  16. Personally, I interpretted Hand Unit to be more of a kind of joking "corporate attitude" insert. Maybe that's not what Scott necessarily intended, but to me Hand Unit's dialogue always felt like the kind of thing a pro-corporation AI would be programmed to say.

  17. Actually there are some theory’s on why baby doesn’t jump scared you in that one part where she’s right in front of you. The most recent one I’ve seen was by funfnaf where baby’s endoskeleton was removed. That would explain why there is no jump scare and if there was it wouldn’t make much sense narrative wise. Also the one part about it not fitting into the timeline doesn’t bother me because that’s what it’s supposed to do. It’s supposed to be confusing and not make sense until Scott wants it to. The other issues about the game are completely justified though and I agree with it.

  18. I think night 4 wouldve been a pinch better if there wasnt a CONSTANT STREAM of minirinas

  19. Also if night five gave you the double crawl challenge, they could do a cool spaghetti ballora fakescare where shes spinning or just standing right in front of you, but if u flash again shes gone. Quietly may i add

  20. It's kind of funny that the spinoff titles of world & breach have more replayable gameplay than this does.

  21. I was so happy when I saw Pastra (random but there should at least be 1 positive comments)

  22. Game sucks i agree. The custom night is very fun tho but obvs is not part of the actual game. Narratively FNAF ended so neatly with FNAF3 then Scott wanted to keep going and from a narrative prespective this game is quite good. He actually kept the story solid so it could be neatly wrapped up again in FNAF6. Shouldve stopped there. In my mind thats where the story ends bc since Help Wanted its just a mess and didnt need to continue. As for this game. Yea i agree i prefer the reflex reaction resource management gameplay to these boring ass "minigames" if you can even call them that. I do like this game from a story level tho

  23. This is truly the FNAF game of all time

  24. I like the voice acting, funtime freddy hard carried for me, but honsetly id just watch Jack or Mark

  25. I saw other comments mentioning how this game is more fore story than actual gameplay and yea looking at it thats true and knowing uhyeah it makes sense why he doesnt like the game since he likes gameplay more than story. Sister location shouldve been a short film because when you think about it alot of this game is just cutscenes.

  26. I think the reason Baby is so dead and lifeless is because all the animatronics at this time have been scooped up. Enard is the mixture of every main animatronic in the game.

  27. This video had to have the inspiration of "what polarizing things can I say to piss people off and get engagement" it's literally hating on nothing

  28. You keep complaining about how the game has problems on a second play through, but that's because it's not the kind of game that you play through twice.

  29. This game holds a special place in my heart, but I honestly couldn't tell you if that's because of the game itself or Markiplier's playthrough. 😅 I guess that kinda says a lot, lol.

  30. It might be that Scott planned to give Funtime Freddy the role of head of Ennard and thats why he was on the "box-art". After all he is now the most prominent remaining member of the funtime crew.

  31. I really think this game aged poorly, but the custom night is pretty good.
    I didn’t even know Ballora spinning across the room was just a scripted event and not a visual cue that signals staying still until I watched this video.

  32. FNAF was never grounded. The idea of fully autonomous bipedal robots roaming around “a run down pizzeria” during the 1980s-90s is ridiculous. Remember that Phone guy said in FNAF 1 that the robots are allowed to roam off their stage at night. That type of technology doesn’t even exist now, let alone the 80s! A spring lock suit is not grounded in the slightest! How in the hell do you move the mechanism of the robot aside to make room for a human male to fit inside of and move around? No way. That’s ridiculous. Fully autonomous robots with face recognition existing in the early 80s is bonkers! This series has never been grounded. What do you mean??? SL fits right in with all of this silly nonsense.

  33. Watching this again after Ruin has released, and honestly? I agree when Pastra says that giving everything some type of Sci-Fi explanation honestly ruined the mystery and intrigue. Now, instead of being a series about ghosts possessing animatronics and a child killer that eventually is taken down by his own victims, its about a fucked up Disney sized company making literal murder robots and getting away with it, along with faz goo and… anger? Is that right? The thing causing the murders is now anger residue? And i hate that a lot.

    I used to genuinely love this series, and now keeping up with it feels like watching a slow motion car wreck. It's awful, agonizing and unsightly, but i can't stop. I gotta know how it all ends.

  34. Even at some point, like with MattPatt's livestreams, that Ennard night was tiring to watch, so even the "good Youtuber game" doesn't always apply. Maybe if he did edit his gaming videos down, it would help with watching it, but he's also one of the few FNAF players that doesn't scream obnoxiously so I usually skip around for his Sister Location videos

  35. sister location has a special place in my heart, i remember it came out soon after i first got into fnaf. i was 10 when it came out so young me having a new fnaf game had me entirely entranced
    but yeah, looking back, i totally agree LOL


  37. Tbh I not really mad about this tbh I hate the fake ending and how hard it was just for the most pointless ending ever

  38. 6:55 not Fnaf 3 I feel like it would be better if he made a video about that

  39. 13:12 your right the fact glamrock Freddy jumps sare you when your running out of batteries or for messing up and has a reason that he not hisself when your fixing him

  40. I honesty agree with how circus baby is almost not in the game at all, I really wish we got to her jumpscare in this game

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