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I DESTROYED an Animatronic! (FNAF Security Breach Part 4)

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (FNAF Security Breach)

Edited by: DanTDM


  1. dantdm your content is worse than 2018 morgz

  2. Not me feeling bad for the murderous animatronic

  3. bro i been subbed since 2013 or 2014 and dantdm never gets old

  4. Recycled pizza was an entire thing with chuck e cheese

  5. Investigate the vent?
    Ngl that sounds kinds sus

  6. The "RECYCLED PIZZA" blurb is based off a Food Theory video on Chuck E Cheese
    MatPat talks about how some pieces look strange and out of place. The conclusion is simple the staffs cutting tools fault. I love this little Easter egg that shows how Scott Cawthon really enjoys Matpat's videos and theorys


  8. I can't believe that he never saw that spider in the vent for the animatronic rooms

  9. The good thing about watxhing dantdm is that he doesnt swear so u can watch him with full sound with my parents

  10. day 3 of asking dan to make part 2 of lost in ramdom

  11. Freddy top 10 anime betrayals

  12. What's worse? The gaurd bots or the Endo skeleton dudes? I plan on getting the game and am so excited to experience the thrill myself! Thank you Dan for giving us a sneak peak of the game!

  13. Dan, I found out what the elevator music is from! Its the victory sound from Sister Location. Hope you see this!

  14. For a sec I thought you said moon derp! Funny Dan

  15. Ha Dan you rimed I yeeted I think I cheated that’s a song I’d buy

  16. Geez I didn’t know Monty could fly tbh lol

  17. Did he accidentally say moon derp instead of moon drop-

  18. “I yeeted I think I cheated”

    -Dan 2021

  19. If you dont click the button u die watch markiplier when he did this he missed the button by ONE PIXEL XD

  20. btw dan if u went to fazer blast u get the golden fazerblaster

  21. shadow bonnie isnt actually from fnaf world, he shows up in fnaf 2 and 3 so if going by release dat he is from fnaf 2

  22. My sister was giving me a back scratch as she was watching this with me-

    The jumpscare at 42:06 left marks 🙁

  23. Bro did the giant Monty head remind anyone else of cod infinity war zombies?


  25. My favorite thing he said was “I broken the game”

  26. Dan great video! I’ve been watching you more than half of my life

  27. What is that when you said to subscribe it was your old profile picture

  28. Fun fact if your under the stage colllecting the maze code if you call freddy none of the endos can get u

  29. Guys you know that dan recorded this as one whole thing he stopped recording while playing it and restarted it and kept playing it.

  30. at the simon sasy he missed red by a pixle thats why the jumpscare

  31. The reason cause its the same as markipliers vid with this where he chwcks teh footage seeing that hr missed the button by 1 pixel so did you

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