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I beat every FNAF game on the HARDEST DIFFICULTY in ONE STREAM

Salmon Kid
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OPEN ME (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I beat every single Five Nights at Freddy’s game on the harddest difficulty in one stream! (50/20, Sister Location 10/20, Five Nights at Freddys 2 10/20, etc.)

Please let me know what other challenges you’d like to see me do! The next one will be the Ludwig challenge AKA pogostuck, jumpking, and getting over it in less than 33 minutes. I’m super excited, and the streaming and planning for that video will likely begin next week.

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  1. what about help wanted and security breach?

  2. This is the most I’ve laughed at a video in ages; not only were you pushing P but you’re bloody hilarious at the same time lmao
    Instant subscribe, keep it up!

  3. im so sad the streams themselves arent archived haha

  4. Hard to believe this is your first vid. Amazing quality

  5. The breathing in fnaf 4 sounds weird if you hear footsteps or breathing. I suggest closing the door otherwise. Flashlight time!!!

  6. i love your energy! the enthusiasm! the care!! 🙂 you remind me of classic youtube, good ol 2010 youtube, <3

  7. This video was extremely good for a first one, your skills and editing were better than some chanels who have over a million subs or even more, if you keep uploading videos like this youre gonna do really great on youtube, earned a sub from me, keep it up!

  8. Good job, man. I can’t even beat 10/20

  9. You should try no hitting dark souls 3 without playing it normally lol

  10. i cant believe you only have 2 videos on this channel! this is the type of content that i dream of making and youre already doing it this early! the only hard fnaf thing ive done is beat 50/20. gonna be subscribing because the vids are great, keep it up!

  11. Love the contrast between the yelling stream clips and your calm explanations

  12. Night 4 and anything past that just isn’t possible in fnaf2 on console because the mask just doesn’t work

  13. I noticed that you didn't collect the blue extra stars in FNAF 4 🤓, but overall you did a fantastic job!

  14. refreshing to see another sauced up white boy on my feed have a great day bro bless

  15. Now you need to redo this entire challenge to include ruin

  16. Hey good video but you didn't beat fnaf 4 on hardest difficulty.

  17. wow. this vid was a blast, i genuinely was not expecting such a fun video and its crazy how it comes from a small channel aswell, incredibly well done. you've got potential this was sick. and this is your first video???? dude that's amazing

  18. You belong in an insane asylum

  19. Him fnaf 2 is the best me if only he knew its the worst game

  20. Can you play ucn deluxe, wich is basically the no stalling versoon of ucn

  21. Half of this guys script was said to the guy behind me

  22. Ironically, i find that fnaf 4 is objectively the most balanced because it is.btw if you close the door when no one is there, they teleport to the door its simply very difficult to cheese it.There is also a max number of laughs for 2 cheater bears.

  23. 7:43 the best reaction to beating FNAF 2, heading straight for the bed 😂

  24. Yo wtf finally i found someone crazy like me, I beat every fnaf game on hardest difficulty too.
    Congrats buddy 🎉

  25. if you press 20 four times on fnaf 4 etras, you will get niight 8, the true real hardest night

  26. He made fnaf 2 then she shows us his big cool ass 💀

  27. Freddy became an Undefeatable bear in The Thumbnail 💀👍
    -Sonic Frontiers Reference

  28. I would actually love to see you play Ultra Custom Night, I think it would be cool

  29. i absolutely love your humor style, aand you kind of look like yandere dev and markiplier had a child. subbed!

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