I BEAT EVERY FNAF game in ONE STREAM but FASTER - jetgame.pl


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My goal was to do it at least 2 hours faster! If you want to watch the uncut FULL RUN, watch it here

Thanks @NonMochi for the fun edit, watch it here

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Music used in this video:
Bone Theme – Michael Wyckoff
Those Darn Bungers – Bugsnax OST
Neon Man – Rijko
Golden Era – Mary Riddle
Summer Moon – The Big Let DOwn
All Nite – SLCT
Being Nostalgic – FLYIN
Windy Day on the Beach – SOOP
Change – AGST
Soon – AGST
Distant – AGST
Mystery – AGST

#spiff #speedrun #fnaf

0:00 Help Wanted
23:22 fnuf 1
31:20 fnoof 2
41:15 fn3f
48:15 loudnaf
56:08 pokefnaf
1:02:40 Sisteraf
1:14:41 PIZZA SIM
1:23:08 UCN
1:35:06 SBSBSB


  1. I love how we all made THE CLOWN the most replayed part of the video
    Remember that there's fruit punch for everyone.

  2. "it's not just the cube game there are many more shapes in geometry dash" lmao love the defense against geometry dash slander

  3. What is fnoof 2?


  4. You can’t beat it to fnaf faster than me hahaha!

  5. 32:22 Funnily enough, I had a university class that was sponsored by Twitch that was the basics of streaming and how to market yourself and PR, etc. was a fun class and ended up getting affiliate because of it!

  6. I'm 15 if you still stream in 10 more year's I will be 25

  7. This is great, but you seem to be missing the 600% on SB in the run 😀

  8. 1:49:40 Hey can we PLEASE talk about this line because what the FUCK????? Before their WHAT

  9. the breathing in fnaf4 is very quiet, anyone would struggle with that one

  10. I don't think I had any teachers who actually used smart boards, though there were some in classrooms. There were two set up in the library and my friends and I would spend our lunches there fooling around with them, idk why they just put tons of games and fun stuff in the library to use during lunch.

  11. Yo what u is the name of the song at the beginning?

  12. 27:32 "I got in a fair amount of trouble with Paige" sounded awfully close to "I got an affair with Paige" when half listening in the background

  13. "Speaking of eating kids"
    Said the YouTube playing games targeting a younger audience.

  14. Honestly I can see why he broke the smart board, i hate them, and I only had experience with them as a student.

  15. Ruin releasing bug free is most likely not gonna happen

  16. spog i know why its lagging its because of steam overlay

  17. About the smartboard, a smart board is basically a big tablet, a whiteboard is the one you always had to recalibrate

  18. Of course the clown is the most replayed section

  19. Whenever someone asks me what I do, I always say I'm a software developer, so they don't judge me for making video games.

  20. Afton always comes back (to the cam 10 vent)

  21. Martincitopants been real quiet since this dropped

  22. 1:03:53

    Ain't no way he said FNaF 2, the least scary game besides SB, was the scariest in the series

    I'd personally say it's the OG, the Skill + RNG still makes it consistently scary.

  23. Coming back to this ( 10:42 ), thinking about how Steelwool did the Guess this Sketch thing and it was Sackboy. Maybe they were listening?

  24. 24:50 i started playing minecraft a little before the ocean monuments got added

  25. You realize three if the animatronics on the thumbnail are from the same game right 💀💀

  26. 59:24 watching spiff get lost in these mazes is extremely amusing coming from someone who memorized them after playing the game over and over since it went free on gamejolt until now

  27. Minecraft, subway surfers, and PvZ carried my childhood

  28. the first time you did this you beat every game faster than the first 100% all dlc run of just cause 3 by martincitopants in 20 hours

  29. To answer the puppet is security to stop children from leaving alone. This is to protect them.

    It’s also on a pulley system allowing it to fly around the entire pizzeria

  30. talking about "stealing content ideas", i mean if you look at speedrunning in general, it started off as someone going "Hey, what if we play this game super quick?" and then other people are like "Yeah, let's try that." And then someone else is like, "I'm not good at glitches, what if we do something like no major skips." And then people are like "Oh, I like that, I'll try it."

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