How well do you know FNaF Lore? [ #shorts #fnaf #games #quiz #question ] -

How well do you know FNaF Lore? [ #shorts #fnaf #games #quiz #question ]

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  1. While he was making Bonnie he Bonnie would stare into the camera and it will scare him. Also he was playing and Bonnie jump scared him out of no where but he didn’t code the jump scare which gave him nightmares. In his nightmare he saw Bonnie ripped up chasing him which inspired him to make withered Bonnie

  2. Never let them know your next move: every bad fnaf ripoff

  3. Bonnie Because when he died he was the only one who fought back!👍
    (Can I get pin)

  4. You think you know FNaF lore
    Who was the 3772295the person Scott saw in his life

  5. Bonnie which inspired him to make the nightmare chapter

  6. Scott had nightmare and fears of Bonnie ( Jermey )

  7. I saw this one already Bonnie did it Bonnie is sus

  8. I’m not even a fnaf player or fan and even I know that it’s BONNIE!

  9. Bonnie gave him nightmares more specifically shadow bonnie because one night Scott had a nightmare about a big rabbit outside his window with a mouth full of flesh and razer sharp teeth with no eyes and he decided to make that bonnie shadow bonnie and he appears in fnaf 2 and ultimate custom night

  10. bonnie in scotts dream:U BETTER ADD ME TO UR GAME OR ELSE🔪🔪

  11. So on his steam post, scott said that Bonnie from this game gave him nightmares, saying that one night he dreamt that Bonnie was in the hall outside of his bedroom, causing Scott to jump out from his bed and rush to hold the door shut

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