How to Play All FNAF Games in Order -

How to Play All FNAF Games in Order

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This is how to play all fnaf games in order!

Intro: 0:00
FNAF 4: 0:16
FNAF 2: 0:40
FNAF Sister Location: 0:53
FNAF 1: 1:31
FNAF 3: 1:57
FNAF 6: 2:17
Ultimate Custom Night: 2:26
Help Wanted: 2:34
Special Delivery: 2:45
Outro: 2:57


  1. Fnaf 4 : this toook place during fredbear family diner so it’s first Fnaf 2 : the withered animatronics had their own location before being torn apart for parts and that second location was during fredbear diner while it was still open, but opened after it wasFnaf 1 : the withereds were rebuilt into the fnaf 1 animatronicsFnaf SL : the location was created 3rd, after fredbear diner and the original 4 location, but they were all open at the same time, the reason it’s after fnaf 1 is bc william took the remnet from the fnaf 1 rebuilt animatronics and put into the fun times, the experience that is being taken on during the game is after fnaf 1, so it would make sense to play it after fnaf 1Fnaf 3 : this should be self explanatory on to why it’s in front of all the others except for fnaf 6 and UCN Fnaf 6 : SHould be self explanatory as wellAnd then UCN : (idc about the rest) and everybody should know it takes place after fnaf 6

  2. Which order is better storyline or release date?

  3. I’ll probably remake this video sometime in the near future because after rewatching this, it has a few inconsistencies and just things I forgot to mention

  4. its better to play release date since 3 and 4 and harder than 2 and 1 . so youll need experience

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